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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Police Round-Up: South Side Vandalism, Labor Day Weekend, Phantom Gunshots, and the Dispatch Numbers

Since we didn't do a Police Round Up last week on FTM, this week's post will recount the last 2 weeks' in FTPD news.

Vandalism on the South Side

Graffiti on the street in southern Fort Thomas. Photo credit: Ben Petracco

Last week, FTM broke the story on graffiti cropping up on the southern end of Fort Thomas, on South Ft. Thomas Ave. and on Grandview Ave.

The vandalism -- at least that which has been found so far -- is limited to graffiti on street signs, other street features (see above), and neighborhood local business's signs.

The FTPD is still gathering information regarding the vandalism. FTM will report when they have released that information.

Graffiti on the street in southern Fort Thomas. Photo credit: Ben Petracco

Graffiti on the street in southern Fort Thomas. Photo credit: Ben Petracco
Hearing Gun Shots?

As you'll see below in the Dispatch call report, the last two weeks saw another "Gun Run/Shots Fired" call to dispatch on Aug. 17th. According to FTPD Lt. Ken Fecher, the call was cleared as "unable to locate." 

"This is common in town," Lt. Fecher said, "especially around the streets along the river. Any loud crack gets called in as possible shots fired and is often unfounded. It can be anything from fireworks, to backfires of engines or someone firing a gun in the woods." 

Despite the drama of the Aug. 6 shooting on Grand Ave., because of the variety of possible, often unidentifiable sources for the sound, many of the "gunshots fired" calls to dispatch lead to a blind search of the area and little more.

Labor Day Weekend

Whether you believe it or not, it is that time of year again... time for WEBN Riverfest and the Labor Day fireworks. And as with any major celebration like this, the FTPD has a few suggestions on how to make it fun as well as safe and respectful to the community.

Lt. Fecher says respect for your neighbors is the name of the game. "This means, please do not invade anyone's private property for viewing unless you have permission," he says. "If you park or sit in a public place, please do so in a manner that does not impede traffic or pedestrians."

And if you'll be venturing down to Newport, Bellevue, or Covington to view the fireworks, Lt. Fecher suggests reading up on that city's protocols for the weekend.

"And in both situations," continues Fecher, "we ask that people follow the public alcohol consumption laws and pack out whatever litter they may have."

Calls to Dispatch, 8/11-24

Over the last 2 weeks, there were 675 calls to dispatch for FTPD, and the trends we've seen this summer so far have remained steady. The busiest day for calls through the middle of August was Friday, with 120 total calls to dispatch from 8/16 and 8/23.

Of note, the last two weeks saw calls for:

  • Disturbance - 19
  • Animal complaint - 11
  • Suspicious Persons/Vehicles - 47
  • Traffic Stops - 145
  • Assist other Agency - 33
  • Gun Run/Shots Fired - 1
  • Disorderly Juveniles - 11

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  1. As an FYI for the WEBN/ Cincinnati Bell Fireworks:

    Street Closings for Sunday, September 1st:
    Taylor Southgate Bridge - Closes at 6:00pm
    Exit #5 off I-471 - Closes at 7:30pm
    Columbia Street - Closes 6:30pm
    Pedestrian Bridge - Closes at 5:00pm