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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Southside, Grandview, Marred by Vandalism

Over the past weekend road signs and business signs were vandalized by spray paint.  The "tagging" happened on Grandview Avenue and on the corner of South Fort Thomas Avenue and Grandview.

The images below depict letters alluding to the Fort Thomas Police Department, and the street paint denoting a stop sign was "labeled" with the phrase "SOUTHSIDE".  The business sign for Fort Thomas Remodeling was also vandalized, but it was quickly tended to by the property owner.  There are three other signs that were painted, but they are more crude in nature and not suitable for Fort Thomas Matters.

It is sad that people feel inclined to damage property.  I, for one, take pride in this city, and for one person to act in such an immature way is disheartening.

If you see anyone vandalizing property anywhere in the city please notify the Fort Thomas Police Department.  These acts are most likely taking place at night because it is such a frequented road.  

Fort Thomas Matters will get in contact with the police department and follow up with any details regarding this vandalism.  Please let us or FTPD know if you have any helpful information.  

1 comment:

  1. city is starting to see more morons living in it. I am from the southside and seeing this on sunday afternoon pissed me off.