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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1 Easy Way To Plan a Stress Free Vacation for Less

5 Things to Know: Provident Travel

Debbie Crockett at Provident Travel has been helping FortThomasMatters families booking vacations stress free without having to search through 30 websites, and by using her expertise and connections, she can do it for cheaper than doing it yourself.

Call Debbie today 513-247-1103 or email her at


If you are considering a vacation the devil can be in the details. There is a lot of work that goes into making your trip enjoyable instead of a stress-laden trip of misery as you repeatedly try to convince yourself that you turned the stove off before you left. You have to confirm the hotel accommodations are reserved. You have to make sure the plane tickets are correct. You have to prepare your home and make the necessary arrangements for pets. The vacation checklist can become daunting very quickly, so why wouldn’t you enlist the help of some professionals to assist in your get away requirements?

I contacted one of our great advertisers, Provident Travel, to find out some interesting information about the travel business. Debbie Crockett from Provident Travel provided some great details that you should know about your local travel agency.

1) We have been around for almost 80 years, and we are the top luxury travel agency in Cincinnati.
      2) We are founding members of Virtuoso, an invitation only consortium that enables us to provide complimentary upgrades, amenities and other travel perks to our clients.
      3) Provident Travel has a dedicated team of over 40 Travel Consultants.We are available 6 days a week and can also make appointments to sit down and chat with a travel advisor.
      4) We were once owned by the Lindner family and they also owned a piece of the Cincinnati Reds.
·      Most all of our agents have 20 years or more experience in the Travel industry
     5) We book Air, Tours, Cruises, Packages and Tailor Made tours for individuals or groups.

If you want more information about Provident Travel here is their website. Debbie Crockett and her team of travel professionals would love to help make your next trip enjoyable and hassle free. Provident Travel employees are specialists in the art of travel, and they are eager to paint masterpiece for your family.

I would like to thank Debbie Crockett for her help with this article. Do you know of a business or organization that people should learn more about? Leave your suggestion in the comments below.


  1. With respect to your comment - we'd love to advertise EVERY Fort Thomas business, but because we do not charge our readers for content, we rely on our businesses to support us. Then we go above and beyond to tell all of our readers why they are awesome.

    It's a cycle that's detailed in its own tab above.

    Debbie Crockett at Provident Travel is a local resident who supports FTM. She is local, even though her business may not be in Fort Thomas and she is GREAT, so we have no issues touting how good she is.

  2. I've actually used Provident Travel from finding their ad on your site. Debbie is really good. A+ recommendation guys.

  3. I did not see a comment which you are referring to, Mark. But I agree with you. I am an advertiser on your site and applaud the work that you guys do for me personally. I one hundred percent fully support you touting the businesses that support you. As a business owner who supports you, if another business were to get a free plug, Or ask for a free plug, I don't know if they realize that the services that you provide are of great value.

    The advertising and PR work that you've done for me for the last six months has brought me so much business I can't thank you enough. You know who this is, I just sent you an email

  4. Very nice of you to say. We work our tails off for our advertisers.

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