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Monday, September 16, 2013

Blue Marble Bookstore Presents: Mama on a Budget- Fort Thomas Yoga Den

Baby Yoga

I used to make fun of my husband when I would catch him bench-pressing my son.  He would laugh and calmly explain that Knox enjoys it and it gives him a workout.  Now, with Finley, he can do curls and bench Knox.  As the saying goes, though, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  I can now say that, thanks to the Yoga Den in Fort Thomas, I have done squats while holding Finley and it is quite the good workout.

Kat Schulz, instructor at the Yoga Den, has a number of different yoga options for clients ranging from seasoned yogi or complete newbies (such as myself).  Their commitment is to make “your time in the studio an optimal experience.  It’s not about having the most expensive yoga mat (which I don’t), the high dollar brand name yoga pants (Kmart special), or trying to impress with the perfectly executed pose (downward facing what?)”.  What it is about, clearly, is a great workout tailored to the client.

The class I took was a Momma-Baby session and was certainly not your typical yoga.  Nor was it a quiet yoga. Schulz kept telling us that the first one is a little crazy because the kids are all over the place exploring and finding toys while the moms do yoga. There are certain points where Schulz tells you to go and find your baby (you really do get lost in the yoga while your child explores).  Once you’ve found your baby, she then tells you to pick him/her up and do squats while holding said baby. 

The “den” is a small and inviting room and Schulz provides the mats needed for the session.  It was a very peaceful environment, which may sound hard to believe given the number of babies running around.  There was music playing to help people achieve “center”, which was difficult given that the children insisted on turning the music off and on.  But Schulz was patient and her own three-year-old daughter helped to set the tone.  As the session ended, the moms all went to clean up their areas (the “den” looked like my own den at the end of a play-date) but we were quickly told to leave the mess and she would handle it.  All in all, a very inviting and enjoyable experience.

The week I went was a free trial but she has two sessions which began last week: 1) Momma-Baby sessions (babies age 6 weeks- crawling) on Mondays and 2) Momma-Little Movers sessions (babies walking to 3ish) on Tuesdays, both at 10:30 am.   At these kid-friendly sessions, you can stop and nurse, change diapers, feed your child a snack and really get comfortable with the environment.

For more information, Check out Fort Thomas Yoga Den. A great hidden gem.   Namaste

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