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Friday, September 6, 2013

BREAKING: Woman Struck Near Crosswalk in front of St. Catherine Church

An elderly woman was struck by an SUV early Friday morning just as kids were getting to class in front of St. Catherine.

She was on the same side of North Fort Thomas Ave as St. Catherine, crossing at Rossford Avenue, walking southbound.

According to witnesses, she started crossing at a triangular path of the crosswalk while an SUV was turning left from North Fort Thomas onto Rossford Ave.

The crossing guard at St. Catherine saw the entire scene and said that the woman routinely takes an early morning walk with her dog just like today. She said that she believes there is a small blind spot for drivers turning left onto Rossford Avenue from North Fort Thomas caused by a telephone pole on the corner of the two streets and sees this type of almost-accident frequently.

The Fort Thomas Fire Department and Fort Thomas Police Department were on scene as the woman was taken to the hospital on a stretcher for evaluation. She was conscious, lucid and moving her body as she complained the EMS that her leg was giving her the most pain at the moment.

Looking to get a comment from FTPD, but from witnesses on scene, foul play did not seem to be involved in the crash. The Fort Thomas Police scooped up the victim's dog and returned it to their house.

This story will be updated.


  1. Why wasn't the crossing guard assisting her - is the guard only for students?

  2. She obviously felt bad, but yes. The crossing guard is employed by the school and only has a duty to cross students. She did nothing wrong whatsoever.

  3. So glad the woman was not seriously hurt. My husband and I heard all the sirens this morning but could not imagine where the emergency vehicles were going. We drivers have to be extra cautious; especially when school is starting and ending.

  4. Glad to hear the victim is ok. I graduated from Highlands with her. Won't give out what year that was, but Mark.... We might be older than you, but "elderly", I don't think so :-)!

  5. Ah, I'm sorry if the characterization was wrong! I totally took that verbiage from witnesses on the scene. My bad! Did not need to insult whatsoever. #TeamMerry