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Friday, September 6, 2013

Maps of Eligible Deer Hunting Plots in Fort Thomas

In the deluge of comments between our Facebook, Twitter and on our main site here, I noticed a great idea:

Blogger mthurnauer said...
One thing that I would like to see would be if a map could be generated that shows the areas where bow hunting is permitted. I like to let my kids roam the woods behind my house. It would be great to be able to pull up a map from the city's website and see if the area they play in is subject to hunting. At least we could then make sure they know when and where the woods are off limits.
September 4, 2013 at 1:34 PM

Kudos to you, reader! Weird how an actual person with a Blogger profile had something constructive to say (sarcasm font). I digress.

I was proactively contacted by a city administrator that pointed out that the map was already in existence. I try to stay plugged in as much as anyone in the city and I completely missed it. My bad, guys.

Looking at the plots, which admittedly are sort of difficult to decipher, it looks as though the high majority of these plots are along Route 8 and an even bigger percentage are along the borders of the city.

Below are bigger images of portions of the map. I wish the company that had done this original plot, as best I can tell in 2008, had made it a little easier to read. Undoubtedly by now you've found where your plot of land rests, as I did with mine, however it's difficult to pinpoint easily exactly where eligible hunting sites are.

Here is the deer ordinance in its entirety. 

I don't have all the answers and don't pretend to. There's no doubt that the deer population has exploded. It's a tough issue to deal with. I guess the most disappointing item that I took from the last council meeting that Pat covered (click here if you missed it) was the fact that the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife informed the city that they will not approve additional means of controlling the deer population until the city has fully explored its expansion of hunting allowances. 

The point of contact is Johnathan Gassett, who is the Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife. His Twitter handle, which may be the easiest way to contact him directly, is @JonGassett.  In an unrelated item, Gassett's contract is up for dispute amid allegations that his Department's spending habits are suspect. 

Why is the state of Kentucky telling our city, what is best for our city? Have we not spent thousands of dollars and countless hours deliberating this? Of course we have. I'm actually really sick of the issue in general. Do our administrators not know what's best for our city? Again, yes. We elect our council to make these decisions for us and the word of a Governor appointed commissioner should not be the final word.

So, there you have it. I encourage all of our readers to help steer the content of AND The Fort Thomas Living Magazine. Please continue to send your story ideas to me or on our Facebook page. This site is not mine, it's our city's! Thank you all.


  1. Thanks for your oversight of the Facebook and Twitter accounts. We all recognize that it is time consuming and are grateful for your work to keep us informed.

    Re the maps... If it is difficult for FT citizens to discern where hunting is permitted, it will also be problematic for the hunters as well, some of whom may not be as familiar as FT residents.

  2. I believe Jonathan Gassett has resigned his position with Fish and Wildlife.

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