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Monday, September 23, 2013

Merchants and Music Munchies and Mmm Alcohol

Some people may come to the 10th annual Merchants and Music Festival (MMF) on Saturday September 28 for the music but others may come for the alcohol-induced, food-coma, merriment.  After previewing the food and spirits vendors, call me “merry” and below is why.

Fort Thomas Pizza, a huge supporter of MMF, will have a triple booth at the festival.  They will be serving pizza and it must be thrice as nice, given their booth-size.  So, a slice of pepperoni, bacon, and pineapple pizza for my first stop.  Also serving pizza is Snappy Tomato Pizza.

What goes better with pizza than beer?  Christian Moerlein Brewing Company just released the beers they will be bringing to the festival and the list is a proverbial “who’s-who” of hops: Moerlein OTR, Moerlein Lager House, Moerlein Oktoberfest, Hudepohl Amber Lager, and Hudepohl Summer Pils.  An Oktoberfest for the husband while I go find Anita’s Mexican Restaurant booth for a margarita… or three.

If beer and pizza (and margaritas) is not your speed, how about some barbecue and a shaved ice?  WeQ4U, a Florence, KY owned full-service BBQ catering company, will have a booth and will serve their hardwood-fired, smoked BBQ.  Smoker EZ BBQ (Milford, OH) will also have a booth and will be serving BBQ.  I suggest trying them both for a good, old-fashioned KY vs. OH taste-test.  Who will win over your taste buds? 

Go and get your side dishes over at the booth sponsored by Texas Joe’s Tex-Mex (and a main course too, of course).  Texas Joe’s is a Fort Thomas-owned and operated food truck vendor.

If Joe’s spice gets to you, head over to Kona Ice for a shaved ice.  I mix all the flavors into one delicious concoction.  Or, for something a little stronger and, perhaps, more refined, stop by the Wine Festival.  One Stop Liquor in Bellevue is supplying all of the wine glasses for the festival and Kroger Newport Pavilion is sponsoring the wines. For $20, a guest will get a commemorative glass and 10 tastings of the following wines:

Atwood Hill Winery
Baker-Bird Winery
Camp Springs Winery
Elk Creek Vineyards
Generation Hill Winery
Redmond Farm Winery
Rose Hill Farm Winery
Serendipity Winery
Seven Wells Vineyard & Winery, LLC
Stone Brook Winery
Verona Vineyards

Vito’s CafĂ©, famed Fort Thomas restaurant, will be sponsoring (and singing hopefully!) the food at the Wine Festival.

Or, if you’re one of the lucky VIP, make sure to try the food, provided by Virgil’s.

If you didn’t save enough room for dessert, hop on the mechanical bull to make room or climb a tree to burn off some of the calories (bull and tree-climbing are new events sponsored at the festival this year).  Once your stomach is ready, be sure to have some dessert.  BMC Services will be providing ice cream or if traditional fair-food is more your flavor, stop by the Sweetastic booth for a funnel cake!

No matter what you do, though, be sure to stop by the Fort Thomas Matters booth and post to our site about your experience at MMF. Here's your chance to be a published writer! We will be live-updating throughout the day.  Also, meet your favorite writers (me?) and buy a t-shirt. We'll have this design AND something new!

Vote in the comments below if you think Mark should do a pie-to-the-face booth (just kidding, Mark).  We’ll see you Saturday and happy eating, drinking, and dancing to the music!


  1. I'd really love to go to one of these festivals, but to be honest can't stand country music (I've tried, really). That alone will keep me away. Can't we mix it up a little and have something for everyone?

  2. There should be music going on all day. Lots of other things going on too. The organizers have done a stand out job making sure there's something for everyone.

    Come on out and have a beer with us!

  3. I am with anonymous above. I think variety from year to year is important! I am not planning on going due to the main musical event. So many fabulous musicians in the past. Let's mix it up each year!

  4. We get it. You don't like country. The multiple posts aren't fooling anyone.

  5. Oh, anonymous #3. Is it hard to accept that there may actually be more than one person with the same opinion? I wrote the first, but not the second, anonymous post.

  6. Guys- this is going to be the biggest and best M&M that's ever happened. They are expecting 10,000+ people. Congrats to Ashli Slawter and crew for putting on what will no doubt be an amazing event.

    If nothing else, it'll be 82 and sunny on September 28. Life's good!