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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Midway Court "Shooting" Ruled False Alarm

Reports of a suspected shooting on Midway Court, posted to our Facebook page earlier this morning, have been ruled out as a false alarm.

FTPD Lt. Rich Whitford told FTM that a resident of the area called the police, reporting what she believed to be gun shots. No other calls were made to dispatch to report the incident.

Police arrived on the scene, investigated, but did not find any evidence of a shooter or gun activity, according to Lt. Whitford.

"This is an example of a concerned resident reacting to what could have been anything sounding like a gun shot, such as a car backfire," said Whitford.

False alarms like this are not uncommon, Whitford explained. Gun runs are a regular occurrence for FTPD patrol officers, but most often result in situations like this morning.

Recent discussion of the bow hunting ordinance may also have residents on heightened alert.

"If you're concerned or worried, call it in," Lt. Whitford assures, both regarding suspected gun activity as well as the current string of daytime burglaries that has recently hit Fort Thomas.

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