Friday, September 27, 2013

New Newport Pavilion Signage, Carothers Road Construction Begins,

Buffalo Wild Wings, henceforth known as BDubs on FTM, was putting their signage up yesterday. BDubs and Chipotle are slated to open this Fall.

With the near completion of this strip of retail and restaurants at Newport Pavilion, the parking lots of this lot and Larosa's have been connected, which provides some relief from bottle-necking, pinch points.

Especially with the construction now taking place on Carothers Road, this is a welcomed site.

Speaking of construction, westbound from 471 Carothers Road is now down to one lane, as construction crews have begun tearing up the sidewalk in order to construct a temporary road so that Carothers can be raised.

According to construction crews, they will be putting gravel down tomorrow and paving will begin next week. Until then, it'll be a mess.

Status quo for the area. Road construction for this area this summer has been one for the books.

Last, but not least, the Dick's Sporting Goods sign is in, assembled, and should be going up soon. I took this picture Thursday afternoon, so it may be erected by the time this story is published.

It just feels real when the signage goes up.

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