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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Signage at Newport Pavilion/Plaza

Chipotle Mexican Grill has won the race to get their signage up first in the development that borders Carothers Road. BW3 and Chipotle are on schedule to be opened this Fall. 

Another development is that the parking lot is now linked with the lot at Larosa's. On the other side of Pavilion Parkway, which will lead to Dick's, TJ Maxx, etc., there seems to be another turn lane that is taking shape. 

On the other side of Carother's Road at the Newport Plaza a few more developments are taking shape. A Verizon Cellular Sales store is opening October 6th. 

According to store manager, Marcus Hundley they will offer the full scope of all of Verizon's products and plans, like the store in Florence, Kentucky. 

The new Verizon store is next to Planet Fitness, in the old storage part of the Sears Hardware Store. 

As one store is opening, Blockbuster Video has met its demise. Kind of a sad day for me as Blockbuster was a Friday staple for my buddies and I growing up. But just like the newspaper industry, Blockbuster is a victim of society's improvements and faster paced life.

The torrential rains in early July of this year, which opened a humongous sinkhole right in the front of the building was the final nail in the coffin. The anchor property of the strip mall, which also includes Great Clips, Star Computers, Casual Chinese, Jersey Mikes and Pizza Hut Carry Out has its signage down as well.
Current condition 

Sink hole caused by torrential rains in early July 2013


  1. Any news what is going into the old Blockbuster location? Thanks for the info on the Blockbuster/Big husband and I were curious what happened.

  2. I see the Chipotle sign is up, BW3 is obvious at the other end and Panera's signature colors fly on the awning next to BW3, but it is unclear what is up with the black awning next to Chipotle's corner. Based upon how packed the Chipotle near NKU is on a constant basis, Chipotle taking the corner and the black awning would make the most sense. Somehow it doesn't really look that way. It looks like Chipotle will take the small, corner location, meaning the same long, (probably longer) slow lines as at NKU. At least we will not have to drive as far to wait in even longer lines. Any clue about the black awning slot between Chipotle and Panera? Also, there seems to be fast food with a drive-thru in the out-lot of Dick's / TJ Maxx near the road...Any word on what's going there?

  3. Pretty sure Panera is the closest to Pavilion Pkwy in the same side as Dicks. Will check on others.