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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Street Class: Back to School with Rock Hill Lane and Homestead Place

For parents, this has widely been described as the most wonderful time of the year. For students, this time of year means back to the academic grind. Krista Meadows has experienced various sides of the back to school frenzy - first as a student, then as a teacher and mother.

Krista Meadows grew up on Rock Hill Lane, and was educated in the Ft. Thomas Independent School District before obtaining a teaching degree. She now lives on Homestead Place, just one street away from her childhood home, with her husband and two sons. Meadows just kicked off her twelfth year teaching at Highlands High School. She currently teaches three sections of Spanish I and two sections of Spanish II. Meadows' work goes beyond the classroom. She serves as teacher leader for the high school's freshman mentoring program, and is also the Spanish Club sponsor.

Meadows' interest in teaching was sparked during her time as a student at Highlands High school. According to Meadows, "I enjoyed my high school English and Spanish classes so much, and I felt that was my calling." After spending six years teaching at Bellevue High School, Meadows was happy to return to her alma mater. "When Highlands called to interview me for a position that would use my English and Spanish certifications, I felt like it was time to make the move," said Meadows.

Growing up in Ft. Thomas played a major role in Meadows' life, both personally and professionally. "I have valued education from a young age. My parents moved here specifically for the schools. Education has always been a priority for them. I had the best teachers when I was in high school that still serve as role models for me. I also had fabulous opportunities at Highlands that shaped my future. Traveling to Europe with a group from Highlands just after graduation is something that I will never forget. It was my first time out of the U.S., and it fueled my passion for seeing more of the world," said Meadows.

Like many Ft. Thomas residents, Meadows appreciates the support provided by the Ft. Thomas community. "I love the support from parents and community members," said Meadows. "They truly value education and work hard to provide the best learning environment for the students here." This support also allows her family to experience an outstanding education. "Knowing that my sons are receiving the best education is priceless. We are fortunate to live in a great neighborhood, and there are lots of kids in the subdivision for my boys to play with. There's a great sense of community here," said Meadows.

Becoming a teacher changed her perspective on her years as a student. "Until a person teaches, there is no way for him to know how much time, effort and energy goes into the position. After becoming a teacher, I have a greater appreciation for everything my teachers did," said Meadows. Her work goes beyond the classroom setting. She serves as teacher leader for the high school's freshman mentoring program, and is also the Spanish Club sponsor.

Meadows is excited about another school year, and is impressed with the work she has already seen from her students. According to Meadows, "They have already been working hard and are showing great promise. Students in Ft. Thomas come to school prepared for learning and working. I love challenging them and helping them use the language. I'm looking forward to some philanthropic projects with Spanish Club, as well."

Meadows is one of the many people helping to make the Ft. Thomas Independent School District one of best in the state. If you would like to share some stories with FortThomasMatters about being educated in Ft. Thomas, post them in the comments below.

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