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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Woodfill Big Top Festival This Weekend

by Kara Gebhart Uhl

When my husband and I moved to Fort Thomas in 2005, we heard Woodfill Elementary's Big Top Festival—a combination of music, and distant adult chatter and children's laughter—before we ever saw it. We lived on Grant Street then, behind the school. It sounded fun, but at the time we considered it part of our future life.

Fast forward five years. Our daughter was 2, our twin boys were 6 months old and the weather was beautiful. A neighbor told us the festival was open to the public. So we walked over. Sophie was thrilled with the area designed for kids just her age—she won lollipops and Smarties and a little purple ball and a little plastic pinball game and sported an airbrushed butterfly on her arm for the rest of her day (total cost? a couple dollars). I loved the old-fashioned carnival games, the many happy children and the sense of community I felt while there.

We've since gone every year. All three of our children love it. We love it. The games are fun. The prizes are fun. The cost to play and eat is reasonable and all the money benefits the school. 

This year, our daughter started kindergarten at Woodfill and I've witnessed firsthand the amount of time and energy that goes into planning the annual Big Top Festival. Please consider rewarding your community with your presence at such a fun event. Money from this year's festival will help buy a protective cover for Woodfill's gym floor and technology for the school's K-5 students.

Saturday, September 21, 4:30pm to 7:30pm: Join your friends and neighbors for a spaghetti dinner and family movie (complete with fun concessions).

Sunday, September 22, noon to 6pm: Play old-fashioned carnival games, take part in a cake walk, participate in a raffle drawing to win big money, watch your kids jump around inflatable bounce houses, eat fun festival food and bid on themed baskets put together by classes at the school. 

All events will take place at Woodfill Elementary, 1025 Alexandria Pike.


  1. Your days of the week are incorrect, Festival is Sunday the 22 and Dinner is Sat the 21. I will be attending with my daughter.