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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Allegiant Air to CVG, Fort Thomas Residents Breathe Sigh of Relief

A few weeks back, the Enquirer ran a story that detailed the mutual interest between low cost Airliner, Allegiant Air and the Cincinnati area. Obviously with the news today that Allegiant will be offering air service starting in February, that interest was verified. 

It's no question, however, that Allegiant preferred Lunken Airfield to CVG, based on their modus operandi of operating at smaller airfields to keep costs down.

The Enquirer article references adjoining cities to Lunken, specifically Mount Lookout, and the negative impact a commercial airliner at Lunken would have in regard to noise pollution over the airspace in those cities. From the article:

"Meanwhile, citizens living near the airport took to social media last weekend to protest the possible return of commercial service to Lunken, creating the Facebook page Citizens for Oversight of Lunken Airport. The Mount Lookout Community Council is organizing a meeting with residents from other communities near Lunken to discuss a plan to stop Allegiant Air from launching there.

Residents from East Side neighborhoods have successfully fought since the late 1990s to keep commercial service out of Lunken. They have feared increased noise would hurt property values and that, if one commercial airline launched operations, others could follow."

There is no doubt that Fort Thomas would have also been affected negatively. I, more than anyone, enjoy peering overhead to see a single engine Cessna from my backyard on a clear Saturday afternoon. But 747s flying over the hills of Fort Thomas is definitely a tipping point for noise. I'm glad they are competing directly with Delta at CVG. 
Side note: I've flown out of CVG 3 times now with the other low cost airline, Frontier, and they've done a great job on all accounts. Here's the press release from Allegiant. 
Another low-cost carrier will expand its operations to the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG).
Allegiant will bring its all-jet passenger airline by offering non-stop service starting February 12 to Orlando Sanford Airport and on February 14 to Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda Airport.
“We are pleased to add Orlando and the beaches of Southwest Florida as an affordable, convenient destination option for Cincinnati residents,” said Andrew C. Levy, Allegiant Travel Company President. “We are confident the community will appreciate the convenience of flying nonstop to Orlando and Punta Gorda and the value of bundling their air, hotel and car rental reservation together.”
Allegiant Air's 166-seat MD-82 will fly two-day-a-week service from CVG to Orlando on Wednesday and Saturday and two-day-a-week service from CVG to Ft.Myers/Punta Gorda on Monday and Friday.
The introductory fares from CVG are $50 to Orlando and $70 to Ft.Myers/Punta Gorda. The introductory rate is valid through Oct. 22. Tickets and vacation packages can be booked through
“We are excited to add Allegiant to our family of carriers at CVG,” said Candace McGraw, chief executive officer of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. “Orlando and Southwest Florida are popular destinations for our passengers. We are thrilled to have a vacation centered low-cost carrier to serve the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky community.”
James Huff, chairman of the Kenton County Airport Board, said “Allegiant gives CVG's leisure travelers an excellent opportunity to visit Orlando and Southwest Florida. It is an honor to welcome our ninth carrier to CVG.”
CitiesFlight  Departure   Arrival
CVG to Orlando        637*5:45 p.m.7:50 p.m.
Orlando to CVG      636*3:00 p.m.5:05 p.m.
* Flight operates on Wednesday and Saturday
CitiesFlight  Departure   Arrival
CVG to Punta Gorda 949*2:31 p.m.4:39 p.m.
Punta Gorda to CVG948*11:30 a.m.1:51 p.m.
* Flight operates on Monday and Friday


  1. Point taken, but Allegiant doesn't fly 747s, and Lunken is not equipped to handle a plane of that size (from a runway standpoint)

  2. I'm no aviation expert by any means, but I know from sifting through Google images of Allegiant Airs fleet they are certainly bigger than what takes off from there now.

  3. So you're saying the city can't handle hearing an airplane fly overhead once a day, 4 days a week?

    Allegiant is a no frills vacation airline that never has a back-up plan and is going to have a lot of angry passengers in Cincy when something goes wrong with the airplane. That flight cancels and you are SCREWED. Hey, we spent thousands on our vacation only to skimp on airfare and now those thousands are wasted.

    People think ticket prices are out of control. Tickets are the cheapest they've ever been (except for right after 9/11) and people still talk about how expensive it is. Someone the other day told me that $300 round trip for 2 people from Pittsburgh to Dallas was too expensive. So you'll spend more than that in gas and 2 days driving instead of a 3 hour flight. People don't value their time.

  4. Competition directly at CVG is a good thing no matter how you slice it.

    I agree with you that time is more valuable than money, but ticket prices ARE out of control at CVG for the simple fact that there is no real competition.

    In June, CVG again made the top 5 of most expensive airports in America, coming in at #2. The reason? The domination by Delta.

    So yes, Allegiant going to CVG has 2 major advantages. No noise pollution is ancillary, but will indeed keep quality of life in Fort Thomas high.

    Link for CVG #2 most expensive airport: