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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fort Thomas October Yard of the Month Winner

The Fort Thomas Yard of the Month feature is a monthly honor given to a Fort Thomas home. The nominees are given to Ft. Thomas Florist and are selected by the staff there. If you'd like to have your yard considered or would like to nominate someone else's yard you enjoy, let the staff at Ft. Thomas Florist know. 

You can stop in to their facility on Grand Ave, call them at 441-8049 or visit them on their Facebook page here. 

Tell them FTM sent you!

Yard of the Month Winner/Street:

Rick and Mary RaffertyWest Southgate

Unique Yard Features:
The yard features that were most appealing were the abundance of color and variety of the many different types of flowers.  The begonias were very eye catching and went almost all the way around the landscape.  The colors ranged from pink, red and white. 

The Rafferty's beautiful house featured a wraparound porch that is decorated with ivy geraniums that accent the house and flow with the perfectly manicured landscape.  It is not all annuals at the Rafferty's.  They have several flower beds planted all types of colorful and well maintained perennials.  One of our favorite features of this house was a fern hanging basket that is by far the largest fern we have ever seen; obvious signs of a green thumb!  

Rick and Mary pull this amazing house and landscape together by a green lawn that just looks like you would want to have a picnic on it. 

Tips from Ft. Thomas Florist
The fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, and grasses.  It is also a perfect time to fertilize your lawn and to lay grass seed.  It’s that time of year to decorate your yard with fall decorations like straw bales, cornstalks, mums, pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn.  

Also be sure to stop in to Ft. Thomas Florist or call 859-441-8049 for the most beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces!! They make great gifts as well; one way to say thank you during the Thanksgiving season.  Also like us on facebook: Ft Thomas Floristand Greenhouses


  1. Where do we submit nominations?

  2. 859-441-8049, stop in to their location on Grand Avenue or on their Facebook page.