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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fort Thomas Rumor Mill: What's Going on with Mio's Location?

Mark Collier interviewing Tricia Macke for Fox19 at Mio's for the 5th episode of Mark vs. Food at Mio's in 2012. Her family looked on as they entire Macke clan participated in the competition. 
There's no doubt you've wondered the same thing since Mio's unexpectedly closed in July: what will be the next business to take over at 15 N. Fort Thomas Ave?

The current owner, who bought the property on October 31, 2011 for $490,000, is being pretty tight lipped about the inner workings but my sources say that a transition may happen in late fall, with ownership being transferred in January.

So what will go in there?

Obviously very preliminary and a lot of dominoes would have to fall, but early indications are that a brick-oven pizza franchisee is close to happening. Apparently this franchise has a full bar in its business plan as well. The colder winter months would give the new owners time to change what needs to be changed (prep kitchen downstairs in the larger dining area and revamped entrance around back) and time to work out bugs before the busier summer months.

We have talked extensively about the importance of the property to Fort Thomas and since Mio's closure, the impact has certainly been felt. If Fort Thomas were able to quickly reel in a franchise of this caliber, you'd have to think it would be an incredible coup.

The Economic Development team would deserve a ton of credit. We shall see.


  1. I'm hoping for an A Tavola. That would be a.m.a.z.i.n.g ...

  2. $490K??

    Geez.... did that guy ever buy a bridge in Arizona.. ;-)