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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fort Thomas Shooting Victim Benefit TONIGHT; Update on Her Status

Alisha Waters; Source:
Alisha Waters, who was ambushed by her husband in early August is having a benefit tonight to help with medical expenses. 

Waters was shot five times, severing her spinal cord. Within seconds she became a quadriplegic. The family is organizing a benefit for donations for her large medical expenses. 

When: October 19, 2013
Where: Ludlow Vets Hall, 838 Elm Street Ludlow, KY 41016 4-?

You can purchase them by contacting Angie Betz at (859) 292-0521 or Nikki Cole @

Ticket prices pre-sale are $15 - single, $25 per couple
Ticket prices at the door are $20 - single, $30 couple.
 - See more at:

Here is an update from last week:

October 11, 2013

She is definitely getting her wheel chair today, getting to put her own clothes on and moving to the floor.  That means that she will be out of ICU!  Yay!  Those baby steps are paying off.  The therapist bent her arms at the elbow and asked her to try to touch her hand to her face. She could so that, but she just can't bend her elbows on her own.

If all goes well she will be going up and down the hallways in her new chair! That hasn't happened yet but I imagine it will by Monday.

She is on cpap on the ventilator, meaning she is breathing on her own!  They are gonna take her off and put her on trach collar until she needs some support from the ventilator. Maybe, she'll be able to stay off until she goes to bed tonight!!

And she did stay off until midnight!!

Alisha sat in her wheel chair for the first time. She stayed in it for a few hours before she just couldn't handle the pain. Her neck is so weak from the c-collar that she has to have therapy to strengthen the muscles on the right side of her neck.
October 12, 2013
Alisha has already shown so much improvement in the 3 days she's been here at Shepherd, for instance when she was on the trach collar at Select she was on 5-6 liters of oxygen and now she's on less than 1. Her lungs sound better, her highest temp has been 99.6 under the arm, she's eating better and she had her first shower today!  She was ecstatic!  I think she could have stayed in there all day. They started giving her Ensure to provide protein and nutrients in hopes that they can remove the feeding tube. She hasn't really used it to eat the last few days; its main purpose is for 2 medications that she hasn't been prescribed orally yet!

She also got up in her wheelchair again today and I was instructed on how to help put her in the sling to move her from her bed to her chair.  It's like a giant swing!  I'm learning a lot these days about how to care for her. I have so much more to learn, but I'll do anything to help get her back home. That's all I have for now, but I'll do my best to keep everyone posted. Next week is going to be a challenge for her, but remember, It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint!!

Thanks everyone for your continued support and I'll see everyone at the benefit!!


  1. Bless her and bless Councilman Bowman for introducing the 3 day waiting period so that this might now happen again.

  2. A 3 day waiting period would have done nothing to stop this tragedy. There is nothing more unseemly than using someone's tragedy for one's political benefit. Get better Alisha.

  3. Ken Bowman has said as much. I like his chops on this. The cooling off period is reasonable. I am a gun owner and Fort Thomas resident.

  4. Do you really think the waiting period would have stopped this? would have just happened 3 days later. It's naive to think that. Criminals will find a way to commit their crimes. This isn't an issue of gun ownership, rather a much bigger issue of domestic violence. We need to look at the problem, not the symptom. Prayers for Alisha, her family and friends should be the focus now.