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Monday, October 21, 2013

Opening Date for Chipotle at Newport Pavilion; Predictions on BW3, Dick's

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My sources at the Newport Pavilion say that Chipotle Mexican Grill has a date set for opening. They do not want the date in the media yet because according to the source, "If they don't have the right team in place, they will delaying opening."

That speaks to the meticulous nature of Chipotle's corporate office.

With all that being said, the date they have targeted is November 7th, 2013. Officially, Chipotle is releasing the opening date of the "first week of November." All Chipotle locations are corporate owned, meaning there is no opportunity to franchise.

In regards to the size of the location, it looks to have more square footage than the Highland Heights location. There is a long, dining-counter in the middle of the restaurant, that is a new design concept for Chipotle.

The source also said they are projecting the Newport Pavilion location to do $5,000 a day in sales. For some perspective, the Buttermilk location in Fort Mitchell does $11,000 a day and the Dream Street location in Florence does $3,000 a day.

Obviously I am not privy to Chipotle store-to-store sales and market segmentation, but I would have to believe that $5,000 is a very conservative estimate.

As far as Buffalo Wild Wings, I do not have any official word on their opening. My eyes tell me they are probably about 2 weeks behind Chipotle. I would guess November 15. 

Dick's has said they hope to be opened by Christmas. My best guess is that they will, but not by much. December 15 is my estimate there.

There are 4 retail spaces (2 awnings) in between BW3 and Chipotle and my sources could not pinpoint which locations would be moving in. I do know that offers have been made and subsequently countered, but nothing is done yet.

One source said their best guess was "Subway and a tanning salon."


  1. Chipotle Corporate is bonkers! If Crescent Springs does $11,000 a day, the Pavilion store will easily do that. Between Newport, Fort Thomas, the I471 traffic and downtown's proximity, they are nuts for not taking the space next door. I know plenty who drive to Highland Heights from Fort Thomas now and there is frequently a long line, not to mention many downtowners and downtown / Anderson types who frequent the Pavilion. While we're on the opportunity cost subject, First Watch would make a killing there.

  2. Is there an estimated open date for TJ Maxx?

  3. I went to Dicks the other day and they said they will be open on the 30th of October.

  4. I don't think it will be Subway since there's one nearby on Monmouth. Any news on when TJ Maxx will open?

  5. Are there still plans for TJ Maxx?? I sure hope so! Need something like this for our area!

  6. Hey, Carnac!

    What about Panera? When are they opening?

  7. was in tjmaxx downtown's store today. they are closing that location in favor of npt pavilion. said it should happen in april or may of 2014. wasn't sure if that was the CLOSING of the cinti store or the OPENING of the npt store.
    cinti's loss is sure npt's gain!