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Monday, October 7, 2013

Street Class: Montvale Court Serves Up Charity Cookbook

On the day Linda Klare moved to Montvale Court thirty-seven years ago with her husband and children, a neighbor's small act of kindness made a large impact of her life. Klare's neighbor, Louise Knockelmann, prepared dinner for her new neighbors on their first night in their new home, an act that truly touched Klare and her family. Now, Klare is also using food to eventually help families in need by creating a cookbook.

From speaking with Klare, it's clear that her family is an incredibly important part of her life. The Klare family consists of seven children and twelve grandchildren. One of Linda's grandchildren, six-year-old Gabriela Rodriguez, has been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is neurological disorder that is linked to a mutation in the X chromosome. "Special needs brings out the virtues in a family,"said Klare. "It takes a village, and we have one." Klare and her family are dedicated to helping Gabby be the best she can be each day.

The idea for the cookbook came years ago for Klare. Originally, she considered making a cookbook to give to her family as Christmas gifts. She later realized that she could use her love of cooking for a bigger cause, and decided to focus on creating a cookbook that could benefit the Rett Syndrome research fund.

To find out more about Klare and her cookbook, check out the upcoming edition of Fort Thomas Living.

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