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Monday, October 7, 2013

Street Class: Rosemont Avenue's Singing Sensation

Last month, a link to a singing contest has been floating around the social media pages of the Ft. Thomas community. Emily Martin, who grew up on Rosemont Avenue, put her vocal skills to the test by entering Katie Couric's "Blackbird Studio Contest." In true Ft. Thomas fashion, the community supported Martin's musical talent by voting for her video on Katie Couric's website.

Katie Couric's "Blackbird Studio Contest" caught Martin's attention, and she jumped at the opportunity to enter the competition.  "I found out about the contest when I was watching the Katie Couric show.  The process to enter was writing a short letter about why you would want to win the recording session." A video of Martin singing was then posted on Couric's website along with two other finalists, and people could vote for their favorite performer. The winner of the "Blackbird Studio Contest" will be awarded a recording session at country music star Martina McBride's recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Entering a singing contest probably didn't come as a surprise to those who know Martin. Singing has been an integral part of her life since childhood. "I've been singing ever since I can remember. School, church, anywhere there was an outlet.  My grandma always played piano and clarinet and sang in the church choir. It was always around the house. I just grew up that way," said Martin. While attending Highlands High School, music played a major role in Martin's education. "Going to Highlands, I was fortunate to grow up and go to school in a district that values the arts. I received a solid base education in choir although I wish we had not had to choose between band and choir. I would have taken both and for me personally that would have served my educational path better," said Martin.

Martin's love for the arts currently extends to her involvement with local arts organizations. "Now I serve on the board o Directors at the Footlighters community theatre in Newport, KY," said Martin.  "Sometimes I am able to do shows there. They are great about letting me bring my kids around and helping me make it work. Such a great group of people!" Footlighters performs three shows each year out of Newport's Stained Glass Theatre, and have become known throughout the Cincinnati area for their impressive theatrical production.

To Martin, the "Blackbird Studio Contest" is much more than just a contest. "If I won this thing it could change my life," said Martin. "I could never afford to make a recording like this on my own and the contacts made would be priceless! It's such an amazing opportunity, and something I've wanted all my life."

The results of the contest will be revealed soon, and the FortThomasMatters crew has their fingers crossed for a good outcome. Whether the results are in Martin's favor or not, it's always great to be reminded of the many talented people from Ft. Thomas.

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