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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

City Council Nov. 18, 2013: Road Kill Policies | Fire Prevention Month | Suspects Apprehended | Lanes for Newman

The city council meeting for Nov. 18, 2013 was on the shorter side, lasting less than a half an hour. The brevity of the meeting did not reduce the number of important topics discussed.

Mary Beth Sensel spoke at the meeting during the visitors segment of the proceedings. Ms. Sensel inquired about the policy that the city has in place for road kill

Don Martin advised her that if the dead animal is found in a public right-of-way then it is the city’s responsibility. If the animal is found on private property then it is the responsibility of the landowner. The reason that Ms. Sensel brought up road kill is that she feels that dead animals on main roadways, Memorial Pkwy. in particular, are not being addressed in a timely manner. Sensel acknowledged that in the past she was informed that the police do call in road kill sightings, but feels that on such a populated road as Memorial Pkwy. dead animals should not still be present after 9 am.

Mr. Martin said, “We (the city) do try to pick up dead animals the same day that they’re reported. I will have a conversation with the police and those responsible for handling the road kill and see if we can remedy the problem.”

Roger Peterman added, “Please continue to report the road kill problems so that the issues are addressed as soon as possible.”

Mayor Mary Brown echoed that sentiment and said, “We rely on the city residents to be made aware of problems like this in city.” And she thanked Mary Beth Sensel for her report and interest in keeping Fort Thomas clean of animal remains.

Fire Department Report

October was Fire Prevention Month, so the fire department was visiting local schools educating students on the importance of fire prevention and fire safety. They also had students visit the firehouse throughout the month seeing all the behind the scenes nuances of the FTFD.

Police Department Report

The report started by complimenting the fire department for their work throughout Fire Prevention Month. The young people of the town are fortunate to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable group of firefighters teaching them fire safety.

The police department is excited to announce that they have a new graduate of the Police Academy. Nick Hoffman recently graduated the academy and is now in training to become the newest addition of the FTPD.

The recent assault cases in Fort Thomas were addressed. There were several juveniles that were identified and charged in the assaults. Tom Lampe touched on the local assault issue saying, “I just want to compliment the FTPD on the swiftness in which this investigation was handled. The city received a lot of inquiries regarding the attacks and our police handled the investigation promptly and professionally. Very well done!”

The issue of burglaries in the city was also brought up in the report. Reports show that burglaries are down. There were four individuals that were identified in Bellevue, and since those four people were taken off the streets the burglary numbers have gone down. According to the Fort Thomas Police Department, the correlation is too convenient, and it is suspected that those four people were responsible for a lot of the local crime.

The last thing that was of note in the meeting was that Newman Ave. was recently striped. The influx of traffic from the Newport Pavilion prompted the addition of lane stripes on the street, which garnered Mayor Brown’s approval.

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