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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

David Hosea "Bumps" Into Intruders Tuesday Morning

Via reporting from WCPO, Channel 9:
According to the Fort Thomas Police Department, burglaries are down in Fort Thomas, as they addressed council Monday afternoon (read the story on the council meeting here). Less than 12 hours later, two juveniles were arrested as they were caught red-handed breaking into David Hosea's stately manor on Walker Road. 

Two juveniles have been arrested after breaking into a Northern Kentucky businessman's home Tuesday morning.
David Hosea, owner of Hosea Project Movers, told WCPO's Kendall Herold that he awoke early Tuesday morning and "literally" bumped into two burglars inside his Fort Thomas home on Walker Drive.
Hosea said he was going to call police but the two men threatened to kill him if he did so. His wife then alerted authorities.
Police say they have arrested two male juveniles. After fleeing from the scene on Walker Drive, they jumped into a dumpster to hide but were caught.
Police also discovered a stolen green pickup truck parked at the bottom of a hill. Police say the two juveniles stole the truck from Covington before they burglarized Hosea's home.

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