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Monday, November 4, 2013

Ft. Thomas Jewelers Opens Grandly in Highland Heights

Ft. Thomas Jewelers Owners Vince and Renai Keairns with Highland Heights Mayor, Greg Meyers at the Grand Opening Ceremony 
Ft. Thomas Jewelers held its grand opening Saturday, November 2nd in the newly constructed Highland Point Plaza. Highland Heights Mayor, Greg Myers, was there to cut the ribbon to open business.  (More pictures below)

"It wasn't an easy task to get this development complete," said Meyers to the onlookers and shoppers who were swarming the store, "We're glad Ft. Thomas Jewelers is here. They are going to do really well here."

The new store is beautiful. Everything is displayed at eye level. The layout is modern, inviting and accessible. It's the same level of customer service you are used to, with a new state-of-the-art feel.

On a personal note, I'm extremely happy and excited for Ft. Thomas Jewelers. It was bittersweet that they moved out of the Ft. Thomas Plaza, but I know with the sheer amount of traffic, accessibility and new digs and neighbors, they'll do very well.

“We hated to leave Fort Thomas, but sometimes, things are just meant to work out the way they do,” said manager, Kim Sunday.

Vince Keairns echoed that sentiment. "I just wanted to thank Fort Thomas, especially the police and fire."


  1. Good luck Ft. Thomas Jewelers!

  2. While I thank the owners, staff and patrons of Fort Thomas Jewelers for their years of doing business in our city and wish them every success in their new location, has nobody else noticed that yet another business has found it necessary to leave Fort Thomas if they hope to survive, let alone thrive? Is the problem that FTJ did not pick our best locations? They may have been ahead of their time at the Midway and/or maybe its destiny is more as an entertainment district? Alternatively, it would appear that the Southside Plaza, their most recent venue, qualifies for the title of dead development walking. Are there any tenants left? As this is our second loss of a Jewelry store, the other having been in a prime, center of town location, which also relocated to a Pike stripmall to court all of those Alexandrians wizzing by, fighting the countless traffic lights to their homes in the cornfields, can the fickle residents of Fort Thomas support ANY business, are those who have failed or moved out in the wrong business or perhaps could it be that our City Hall, entrenched as it myopically is in the 1970's, (that's how long the Mayor has been on council) is simply too stuck in the past to have any clue regarding the value of a viable business community, much less how to effectively promote one? The answer is probably some combination of the above. Whatever the case, there are a few entrepreneurs in the bubble who "get it" when it comes to establishing profitable and sustainable businesses, given who we residents might be and in spite of who might be ruling the roost at City Hall. Let's hope the abundance of vacant, prime real estate finds their equals, given that for our small businesses, like our deer, it's a jungle out there!