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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home Invasion in Fort Thomas (Update)

David Hosea outside the city building this morning
Two juveniles, one from Fort Thomas and one from Covington, were arrested this morning, after they broke into David Hosea's house on Walker Road. Hosea said that he awoke in the early morning hours as he normally does, before 4 AM. He walked outside of his bedroom and ran into the two teens, one of whom tried to swing bolt cutters at the Fort Thomas businessman.

Hosea then said he chased them into his basement, but thought better, and had his wife call the police.

The two suspects allegedly hid in the woods in and around N. Fort Thomas Ave. About 2 hours later and officer spotted them and they took off, eventually hiding in a recycling dumpster at St. Catherine. When they were caught, according to Hosea, 15-20 cruisers from many jurisdictions had them surrounded in the early morning hours.

"I'm sure glad to pay my taxes in Fort Thomas this week," said Hosea.

Also according to Hosea, this robbery was not random. "I come to find out that these were the same people who broke in and robbed (us) two other times."

The alleged burglars are being charged with first degree robbery. They are also charged with receiving stolen property.

"They started their night in Covington," said Sgt. Casey Kilgore of the FTPD. "They stole an (Ford) F150, drove around a little bit and ended up here, which is where they wrecked the truck then went to (Hosea's) home."


  1. If he was robbed twice before this, how come he doesn't have a security system.

  2. I respect Mr. Hosea and applaud him for clear thinking and taking action against the home invaders. The person who chastized him for not having a security system may not have all the facts and does not understand that no security system is going to stop anyone who wants
    to ivade aproperty. I am very happy that no one was injured but here in Colorado, we have the "make my day Law" and many of our home owners are armed. I consider these home invaders very lucky.

    Edd, from Colorado

  3. I applaud Mr. Hosea. For calling the police, that is. The police here are pretty good -- actually, very good. It's their job and they do it well.

    We have a "stand your ground" law too. Most "red" states have them. We don't have a cute name for it though. But, maybe I'll call it the "Unlucky in Kentucky" law from now on. That's cute.

    Much better to call the police -- or have your alarm system do it for you -- than stand there in your underwear at 3 am taking shots at people running around your house.

  4. Apparently he does have a system but the intruders entered through a door where the doggy door is located and it was disabled at the time. If those punks would have come in my else they would have been filled full of lead. They are lucky.

  5. 15-20 cruisers for two teens??? really???

  6. Um, they broke into the man's house at 3:30, swung bolt cutters at him, told him they were going to kill him, and ran for the police for 2 hours.

    Besides the fact they didn't know they were teens, what the heck did you EXPECT?!?


  7. Again i wonder,where are the parents? Apparently these "juveniles"do what they want to do.I was raised with curfew's,if we were not in by our curfew,our Parent's came looking for us,needless to say we made sure to be home by curfew.As far as that many cruiser's,they were robber's,no matter what the age.To me these are punk's.As long as parent's kowtow to these spoiled brat's,you will see more of this.

  8. thats sad that a so called business man would try to put two misled teenagers behind bars for the next twenty years of their lives. the (children) were on an extremely high dosage of an otc cough syrup and probably had no clue what they were really doing. and besides how can you call putting a 15 and 16 year old Child behind bars for the next 20 years of their lives "paying Your Taxes" that is extremely un civil. and second off this man has grandchildren that are around the same age as the claimed "robbers" i see this as a self confidence issue and i hope their is some needless to say "slack" cut on these "children" their in my prayers for this year