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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Labor Union Protests Fort Thomas Business

Reports of a labor dispute at the Carespring facility in Fort Thomas. 

There are picketers front and center on Highland Avenue with their signature yellow, "shame on you" signs voicing their displeasure with the facility for picking a non-unionized construction company.

"We have some labor workers who are unhappy with the selection of the construction we've chosen for some building," said VP of Marketing and Admissions at Carespring, Kim Majick. "Much like any company we go through a traditional (bidding) process with both union and non-union companies. Our final criteria is to find the company who will produce the best quality work. The end result for us is ultimately taking care of patients."

The flyers that the labor protesters are handing out suggest that they are not necessarily unhappy with Carespring, rather they are unhappy with the construction company that won the bid because they are not a part of a labor union. 

This story will be updated. 


  1. Anyone who doesn't support unions should leave the country.

  2. Ha. I read your comments on this on the FTM Facebook page. You are a joke, sir. Like, literally, you may be a joke. There's zero chance you're a real person.