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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lets Welcome RCC Services to #FTMFamily

Fort Thomas Matters continues to provide late-breaking news and Fort Thomas stories that matter due to the generous support of our advertising family.  

Without these business partners, there would be significantly less news reporting, human interest stories, less coverage of high school sports in our community, and scoops such as the one FTM broke regarding the ongoing assaults just last weekend (and subsequently sourced by the major news outlets).

It is with that in mind that we welcome RCC Services, LLC into the advertising family.  RCC Services is run by President Kevin Welsch who has 22 years of experience in the credit and debt collections industry.  RCC operates on Highland Avenue and is a leading national collection service.  Welsch and his wife have lived in Fort Thomas for twenty years and it is where they have raised their three boys. 

RCC Services strives to put the “service” in their name through offering differentiating client contact with the bsuienss they represent.  Per Welsch, RCC Services “understands the risks involved with acquiring prospective clients as well as retaining existing business” and helps in the collection process and in servicing businesses throughout this process by offering a contingency fee program, weekly status reports, international recovery, and competitive rates.  RCC is licensed nationwide and through  2013 is offering a 5% discount off their standard collection rate.

So, to fellow Fort Thomas and local businesses, if you’re having difficulty with your accounts receivables and collecting your debts, call Welsch and welcome him to the FTM business family.


  1. Just so you know; he reneged on $5000 that he owed me (THE SOLE EMPLOYEE) after I resigned when I discovered that he was not paying clients. He was collecting past due accounts and not remitting to clients. he stole at least tens of thousands from clients and vendors. Kevin enjoys expensive cigars and Omaha Steaks. He was being investigated by detective Derek Faught (now Sgt. Faught), and they turned it over to the FBI, who raided his office and home.

  2. Time to update this review. RCC Service's ( Kevin Welsch ) BBB rating is an F and he was recently arrested for passing a bad check. He has a growing list of people he has scammed out of hard earned money. He collected on 2 debts our company turned over to him and kept every dime. Our company is out nearly $10,0000.