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Friday, November 15, 2013

Lets Welcome Suzie Q's to #FTMFamily

A poorly kept secret in the reporting community is that, naturally, some interviewees are better storytellers than others.  It is up to the writer of the story to develop the narrative around whatever nuggets can be mined from those less forthcoming with their words.  At other times, though, a story writer should just stand back and allow the storyteller’s words to speak for themselves.  The words of Judy Dedeker at Suzie Q’s speak for themselves.
By way of introduction, Suzie Q’s is a Glass Painting and Craft store located in the Historical Midway Business district of Fort Thomas and founded by Judy Dedeker.  From her website, the name comes from her sister, Sue (nicknamed Suzie Q) and was the “easiest part of the planning process”.  Sue died in June 2012 of Glioblastoma and Dedeker honors her memory not only with the name of the store but also by her donations; in October, she donated $5.00 of every glass painting to the Brain Cancer Research Center for the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Department.  

Now is the time where, as the writer, I step back:
FTM: What do you do/service do you provide? What makes you unique?
Suzie Q's is a unique Glass Painting & Multi-Craft Studio, utilizing the Pinterest site to inspire craft making and glass painting.  We offer an array of glassware, which is always available during open studio time, or glass painting classes.  No individual needs prior experience for glass painting, and most crafts.  Instructors are trained crafters who teach and assist customers to make crafts for decorative pieces or gifts for family, teachers, bosses, co-workers or friends. 
Customers are encouraged to bring crafting ideas they would like to make and put together in a crafting class.  There is a suggestion box for customers to offer these ideas, which is the idea behind Suzie Q's. 
Sample Crafts offered by Suzie Q's will be, but not limited to:  Glass Painting, Glass on Wheels (private in-home glass painting parties for 8 or more), Rag Rugs, Candy Jar/Tower making (can order/purchase as well), Fairy Garden making, Knitting, Embroidery Card making, Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking Framed Art, Jewelry Making (101, intermediate & Advanced), Sewing Classes (after first of the year - ongoing), Tee-Shirt Quilting (after sewing classes), Kid's Afterschool Crafting, Clothing/Jewelry/accessory trunk shows.

FTM: How long have you been in the community and how did you get your start?
While caring for my terminally ill sister, and during her restful hours, I utilized my computer, and found the Pinterest site.  I was hooked from the beginning.  I always loved crafting, and making things for my family members, mainly my mother, and I found my main passion was glass painting.  I knew one of my friends, Leigh Duckworth, who was already a glass painting artist, so it was the main craft I wanted to offer, and not already offered within the I-275 belt.  Glass painting is one of the hot crafts being made by many seasoned/1st time crafters.
I looked around the Northern Kentucky area for store locations to open my studio, and found this empty store front in the Historical Midway Business District.  I fell in love with the location […] and opened for business, August 23rd, 2013.  I felt there were many crafters in the City of Ft. Thomas; I just need to draw them out of their homes!  […] I would love to bring these crafters to my store, if not to just have a relaxing place to craft, but [to] help us teach others to do the same! Consider Suzie Q's like a coffee shop where friends share a cup of coffee, or quiet time with their computers.   
FTM: What has the local community meant to you and your business?
The people of Ft. Thomas are a close-knit community who strongly care for their family and friends.  The School system is important, and Suzie Q's will offer an extension of learning, as well, foster school work.  The Afterschool program will offer homework time, as well, a place to teach your child(ren) crafts/hobbies, which may be a future passion.  I feel it is a great place to keep kids off the streets from bad things, as I want the same for my child and his friends.
The After-School program will begin after the Christmas Break, and will be available Tuesday - Friday from 3:30pm-6:15pm daily.  Homework assignments will be completed first, and crafting afterwards.  Space, unfortunately, is limited, so sign-ups are necessary!  Please visit and sign up now!
FTM: Do you have any events coming up or other things FTM should mention?
Yes, currently offering the following, but always adding new classes weekly!
Open Studio Time - Daily during store hours - come in for glass painting, or bring a craft you are currently working on to the studio!  Glass painting $22.50 which includes a glass, paints, brushes, inspirations, stencils, etc.  Feel free to bring lunch, or order from Sarelli's or Ft. Thomas Pizza while crafting at Suzie Q's!  Evening hours available as well!
Adult Mother & Daughter Ornament Painting Class (2 for $25.00) Wednesday, December 4th| 7-9pm.  Bring your mother's favorite wine and snack and each paint their own unique ornament!  All paints, ornament, brushes, inspirations, stencils, etc. are included.  As well complimentary assorted sodas, bottled water, coffee & light snack.
Mommy & Me Santa Cookie Plate Painting Class ($15.00), Saturday, December 7th|1-3pm.  Bring your child(ren) to paint a special Santa Cookie Plate!  All paints, plate (extra plate(s) available for purchase), brushes, inspirations, stencils, etc. are included.  Complimentary assorted sodas, juice, bottled water & light snack.
Two-Part Candy Jar Making Classes ($65.00 per attendee - all supplies included) Come and paint your favorite Tiered Candy Dish for the Holidays.  Great as a gift or displaying in your home!  All materials, Supplies & Candy included!  Payments can be split between each class.  1st class- Painting, 2nd Class- assembly & finishing touches.  Classes offered Tuesday, December 2nd|7:00pm - 9:00pm, and Tuesday, December 10th|7:00pm-9:00pm
After-School Program Starting January 7th|3:30pm-6:15 Tuesday - Friday.  Please check the web-site for daily craft offered and pricing.  Supplies included.  Assorted Sodas, Bottled Water, Juice and light snack offered each day.
Sewing Classes scheduled to begin January 6th|11:00am-12:00pm for adults, and 3:30pm-4:30pm for children.  $60.00 per month.  Learn basic sewing, along with making various items.  Sewing machines are provided.  Attendees will have to  purchase material(s) and any other sewing needs per item made.
So, there you have it.  Dedeker is clearly passionate about her business and crafting and we at FTM are passionate about shopping local and small.  So, be sure to support this newer Fort Thomas endeavor and plan a party, take your children, or go on a random day with friends for your next craft project.  FTM readers who mention this article get $5.00 off any glass painting class (now through February 1, 2014).
Call the store at 859-415-1307 or visit their website at

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