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Friday, November 1, 2013

Newport Pavilion: New Retailers Sign, Dick's Opens, Lane Construction, Blockbuster

Looking at Pavilion Pkwy from Carothers Road
Some big developments at the Newport Pavilion this week and into the next few weeks in terms of road construction within the development, retailers opening up and new retailers inking deals.
- The median at the entry of Pavilion Parkway from Carothers Road was taken out a week ago and a new lane was constructed to ease traffic at the light. This is obviously an immediate improvement for visitors. Especially with Dick's opening up this week, this needed to happen. 

Raising Carothers Road, providing exit points in and around parking lots and possibly taking out the rest of the median on Pavilion Parkway are other items that need to be completed to improve the traffic flow. According to Anchor Associates, this was the city of Newport that took the lead on this project, not developer. 

- Chipotle is scheduled to open in one week from yesterday, on November 7. This is of course, subject to change at the discretion of Chipotle corporate. I will follow up on this next week. 

- Obviously not in the Newport Pavilion, there are rumblings that a sports bar type place is looking to open in the old Blockbuster location. If true, it's a curious choice with BW3 opening soon and Beef O'Brady's in the Newport Shopping Center. 

- The biggest news of the day is two new retailers, which have signed leases at The Pavilion. They are Dr. G's Weight Loss and Sport Clips. 

Sport Clips has locations in Florence, Fort Wright, Highland Heights and Western Hills. From their website:

At Sport Clips, our mission is to “create a championship haircut experience for men and boys in an exciting sports themed environment.” We offer quality male hair care services, and are known for our “MVP Experience” that includes a precision haircut, invigorating scalp massage with Tea Tree shampoo, a classic barbershop-style hot steamed towel treatment, and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Dr. G is Dr. Charles Goldsmith. Dr. G's Weight Loss has locations in Florida, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Arizona. This will be the first location in the tri-state. From their website:

Dr. G developed a program consisting of a four-prong approach: Appetite, Metabolism, Diet, and Habits. This approach, along with a combination of herbal compounds and prescription medication helped his clients lose weight and keep it off. The Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness program was created in 1994 and has helped more than 70,000 customers lose over 1,000,000 pounds.


  1. Isn't there a Sports Clips in Highland Heights, near Chipotle, where 471 ends?

  2. Wish a HomeGoods would come to the Pavilion!

  3. Looking forward to Chipotle opening! Traffic is a mess. It took me 3 rounds through the stoplight to make a left turn towards the shopping center yesterday.

  4. Yup, there is a Sport Clips in HH. Meant to add that to the article last night. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. There was a rumor about Olive Garden coming to the area. any truth to it?

  6. As of now, there's zero truth to that. Obviously, things can change but no negotiations have been present with OG.

  7. Is Panera going into the building in front of Dicks? Any time frame on that opening? Any update on TJ Maxx?

  8. I just love how there is nothing new to the area opening in the pavilion. I wanted to see some new restaurants/retail not already in the area or not already with a heavy presence in the area but were stuck with stuff that already exists just down the road why? I hope the Newport Shopping Center gets redeveloped eventually, there no talk at all about that but if that were to happen Id love to see new stuff go in there. Overall Newport Pavilion is a disappointment yes it does bring new shopping options to newport that were only available in Florence before or other places nearby but im disappointed at the fact that there is not any new retailers or restaurants to the area as a whole. Am I the only one that thinks this or am I just ranting an raving? I may not live in the area anymore BUT I still follow the development and look forward to experiencing these options when I move back.

  9. It's actually quite unbelievable that FTM beats the hell out of the enquirer, recorder and business courier coverage wise. Nancy Daly, Mayhew et al should be embarrassed.

  10. Harbor Frieght would be great, save a trip to florence, Alexandria or Ohio.

  11. Here are my pics that I would love to see.
    Guitar Center
    Max and irmas
    Texas roadhouse
    Big box hardware store.
    Jungle jims