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Friday, November 8, 2013

Reasons for Digging in Tower Park

A lot of our readers have been asking questions regarding the digging in Tower Park around the amphitheater. I reached out to Debbie Buckley who got the details from Mr. Frank Twehues:

"During last winter, a water main broke on the hillside, thus causing the hillside to slip.  While it was moving, it took a part of the sanitary sewer with it.  SD1 then had to come in and rebuild and relocate their sanitary sewer into the parking area to the museum to get it out of the unstable hillside.  That work was completed in time for the Independence Celebration.  The water district was then required to come in and stabilize the hillside as it was still moving.  In order to stabilize the hillside, they were required to excavate, install french drains and bench the hillside back in.  Work is anticipated to be completed by Thanksgiving.  However, due to inclement weather the last couple of weeks, the contract may be extended a week or so."

Please let FTM know if you have any other questions. Thank you Mr. Twehues for your insight.

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