Monday, November 11, 2013

Sheriff Races Unofficially Begins

Last week while the city of Cincinnati was busy electing a new mayor and city council, Campbell County sat idle. At least on paper.

Mike Jansen, candidate for Campbell County Sheriff, sent a Campbell County Law Enforcement Citizen's Satisfaction Survey, via his committee, to county residents.

While the questions on the survey (there are 10 of them) do not specifically indicate the differences in policy between he and incumbent, Jeff Kidwell, it's not hard to read in between the lines.

A few of the questions from the survey:

Question No. 4:
Do you believe it is appropriate for the elected sheriff to hire immediate family members in supervisory or supporting roles who are paid from sheriff's operating budget?

Question 5:
Do you believe it is redundant and wasteful for county taxpayers to fund the Campbell County Police Department and the Campbell County Sheriff's Office?

Questions 6:
Do you believe the sheriff should assist other police agencies in the county to help increase police presence and deter crime in your neighborhood?

Question 8:
The sheriff services as a member of the county board of elections. Do you think it is appropriate for the sheriff to hold a partisan, political office while charged with administering fair elections in our county?

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