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Monday, November 25, 2013

Street Class: North Fort Thomas Avenue Author Pens First Novel

Thanks to North Fort Thomas Avenue resident Elizabeth (Betsy) Farris, you now have the next book to add to your reading list or to impress your friends at book club. Farris recently released her first novel, The Water's Edge, and it's bursting with local history.

According to Tate Publishing,"When the bodies of young, attractive women begin surfacing on the banks of the Ohio River, it's up to lead detective Jim Gardner and the FBI to find the killer. Stalking his victims in the historic Main Strasse Village of Northern Kentucky, the killer leaves no clues or witnesses to his horrific deeds, only lifeless forms along the water's edge. As the investigation stalls due to lack of a suspect, Jim Gardner is reunited with the woman he has never stopped loving after a long one-year separation. Just as Jim's life fills with happiness, fate thrusts him into a darkness that seemingly has no end. His beloved Bethany has become the latest target of the man he has been hunting. It becomes a race against time to find the killer before he loses her once again. And this time, forever."

One of the many interesting aspects of Farris's writing is her appreciation for local history. Fort Thomas makes some appearances throughout the book, and she was directly inspired by some of the town's landmarks when writing. She was also greatly influenced by Covington's Main Strasse Village. Many of the Main Strasse's bars can be found in the book, but Farris has changed the names. See if you can decipher the actual bars appearing in the book while reading.

Tired of reading books with unhappy endings, Farris set out to write the book she was interested in reading. "I read a lot of novels and like thriller-romance, but I didn't like the endings. I decided to try my hand at it, and control everything, and get the happy ending I want," said Farris. Farris enrolled in an online writing course, but she primarily learned how to write from being an avid reader herself. One of Farris's favorite aspects of the writing process is a writer's ability to create their own world within their writing, and make up a story on their own terms. "It's fun to make up a story," said Farris. "You can make anything happen that you want to have happen. The opportunities are endless on what you can write about."

If you're in the midst of writing the next Great American Novel yourself, Farris stresses the importance of securing a solid outline before diving into the writing process. "The hardest part for me is to get the whole storyline, and use and outline and get the whole story so you don't have to go back," said Farris. She advises writers to know their ending, and know where the story is going before sitting down to write.

Farris has been a resident of Fort Thomas for six years, and is especially impressed with the town's rich history. She enjoys admiring the architecture of the town's older houses. "It's a beautiful, neat town," said Farris. "Everyone wants to stay here." She has also received great support from her friends and family in the area for her writing abilities. "People are excited, amazed, and supportive of me. My friends are thrilled about my accomplishment," said Farris. You haven't heard the last from Farris and her suspenseful tales. Her second novel is a thriller based in Charleston and Savannah, and is in the publishing phase.

You can currently purchase your own copy of The Water's Edge through Tate Publishing's website, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, or you can order a copy through Joseph Beth. Farris will be signing copies of The Water's Edge at the Ft. Thomas Library on Sunday, December 3 at 7:00pm. The book will also be available for purchase at the signing.

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