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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Newest Champion in Cake Town

We all know that Highlands puts a state-championship-caliber team on the field year in and year out. Well what if I told you that as our bluebirds get ready for their next game the city of Fort Thomas has already crowned a football champion this year? In it’s inaugural year the Fort Thomas Recreation Flag Football League has come to an end and Tape a Cheetah to Her Back (TACTHB) was named the 2013 Champion. The team got their name from the popular AT&T commercial with the “It’s not complicated” catch phrase. There were multiple things that were not complicated about the championship team - most of all the dominance they had over the league.

The TACTHB team was made up of Tyler Graves, Chad Hudepohl, Trey Jurgens, Shaun Matisak, Andrew Fath, Andrew Roller, Chris Bradford Jordan Kramer, Paul Laible, Michael Bonomini, Alex Petracco and Alex Horner. The team had speed and size that made them formidable foes for the other 4 teams, as each week TACTHB proved to be the victor posting an undefeated record.

The games took place in the outfield of the Tower Park softball field every Wednesday night. There were 5 teams in the league, and the recreation department hopes to build the flag football league next year.

I personally played in the league, and even as I write this every one of my joints and ligaments are in full recovery mode. It seems that the almost 30-year-old body does not recover quite like it used to. I can speak to the talent of TACTHB as they beat my team mercilessly in every matchup.

Tape a Cheetah to Her Back ran faster, caught more passes, scored more points and pulled more flags than any other team. They are your 2013 Fort Thomas Flag Football Champions, so please join FTM and me in congratulating them in their well deserved, however tiny, championship plaque. Well-done guys!

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