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Friday, November 22, 2013

Tow Truck Driver Robbed at Knifepoint at Sonsrena Apartments

Even with the spotlight of a viable media source in Fort Thomas shining bright on crime and other happenings in our city this has been an epically bad week.

The home invasion and arson attempt on the north and south side of Fort Thomas, respectively, were bad enough.

Now word of an armed robbery of a tow truck driver at the Sonsrena apartments on Alexandria Way is the newest heinous crime committed this week.

The robbery occurred in the early morning hours on Thursday. 

Residents were informed of the crime by management, by slipping a description of what occurred under each of their doors.

Probably a good reminder to be vigilant in all aspects, your surroundings, unfamiliar people, and locking your house and cars up.

Do not hesitate to call police if things don't seem right. The only way we keep each other safe is by banding together and looking after one another.


  1. Arson?!? Can u post more info on what happened???

  2. Echoing the above commenter.....any elaboration on the arson attempt?