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Monday, December 2, 2013

Fit Philosophie's Life-Changing Impact on Ft. Thomas Resident

Fit Philosophie studio members. From left to right: Deanna Arrasmith, Stephanie Rottman, Nadia Klumpernova, and Jennifer Lynn.
When Ft. Thomas resident Stephanie Rottman started working out at Fit Philosophie last March, she certainly didn't expect for it to change her life. Rottman participated in Fit Philosophie's March Madness Challenge, and has been working out at the studio ever since.

No stranger to working out, Rottman had tried various different diets and personal trainers in the past. She had been trying for two years to work out, but nothing seemed to stick for her until she started exercising with Fit Philosophie's owner and operator, Jennifer Lynn. After shedding 70 pounds working out and eating healthy, Rottman credits Fit Philosophie's excellent workout routines and the support of the studio's community for helping her become healthier.

Rottman started with private personal training sessions at Fit Philosophie, and has since integrated into the studio's other classes. She now works out at the studio four times per week, and is never bored with the exercise routines Lynn creates each week for the studio's classes.  Lynn was able to assess Rottman's personality type and fitness needs in order to customize an exercise program that would perfectly fit her individual needs. According to Rottman, Lynn is also a great motivator. "She knows what I'm capable of, and doesn't limit me," said Rottman. "She challenges me without being a drill sargeant. She knows how to work with the head as well as the body." Rottman considers Lynn to be her fitness guru as well as a good friend. "Little did I know that girl would change my life little bit by little bit," said Rottman.

When Rottman began working out at Fit Philosophie, she had been preparing for meniscus surgery. Lynn worked with Rottman to design a workout plan that would prevent any further injury to her knee. Since attending classes at the studio, the muscles around Rottman's knee and in her leg have been strengthened enough that she no longer requires surgery.

FIt Philosophie is more than just a workout facility. There is a real sense of community at the studio. According to Rottman, "It's a whole community where everyone is supportive of everyone." The supportive community found at the studio is also an aspect of Lynn's job that she takes pride in each day. "There's a real sense of community. Everyone is excited for each other, and it gives you positive accountability," said Lynn.

Let's face it, even the most physically fit person has days when they aren't totally motivated to exercise. This is where Fit Philosophie's supportive community, and Lynn's motivating spirit come into play. Even on days when Rottman isn't completely motivated to work out, she never regrets her decision to show up at the studio and put in the work needed to be fit. "There has never been a time that once I've gotten there that I've been sorry I'm there," said Rottman.

Rottman can easily sum up her experience at Fit Philosophie with one one word: amazing. "It's the only way I can describe it. Amazing. It's been amazing," said Rottman. Lynn has also witnessed a definite change in Rottman since she first walked through the studio's doors last March. "She has a new sparkle. Her personality is shining even more," said Lynn.

The holidays are officially in full swing, and that also means that it's time to start considering those New Year's resolutions. Rottman offers up some helpful advice to anyone looking to focus on their health and fitness in the new year. "Whatever it is you do, it won't happen magically overnight, and it takes a lot of hard work," said Rottman. "It's worth the investment in yourself." Lynn also has her own similar advice for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle. According to Lynn, "You should approach it as a step-by-step process. Don't get overwhelmed in the beginning, and have a plan."

Like last year's March Madness Challenge that kicked off Rottman's healthy lifestyle change, Lynn is creating new challenges for her clients. Coming up is the Little Black Dress Challenge, which combines fitness and fun for the participants. The goal of this eight week challenge is to work out five times per week for one hour. After the eight weeks concludes, the participants will all purchase new dresses to wear out together and celebrate. Lynn encourages anyone curious about Fit Philosophie to feel free to call, email, or stop in their location at 911 N. Ft. Thomas Ave.

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