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Monday, December 16, 2013

Fort Thomas City Council Notes (12-16-13)

Council met today for what would be the last meeting for 2013. The first meeting in 2014 (January 6) has already been canceled, due to lack of quorum. Here is the council meeting schedule for the rest of 2014. Councilmen Roger Peterman and Jay Fossett were not in attendance.

Republican candidate for the Kentucky State Senate, Wil Schroder was in attendance. Schroder is running to fill long-time State Senator, Katie Stine's seat.

- Smitty's co-owners, Brian Akers and Dave Brisco, were in attendance. Brisco addressed council to apprise them of the situation that was occurring between them and the property owner of the Hiland Building. Fort Thomas Matters broke that story and other media outlets subsequently jumped onto our story.  

"It's a piece of the fabric of your community and it's being taken away," Brisco said to council. "Even though (what the owner is doing) is legal, I don't think it's moral or honest."

Brisco said that Smitty's will open at its new location at 910 N. Fort Thomas Avenue on January 2nd. They will close at 18 N. Fort Thomas Ave on December 31st at 2:00 PM. Previous owner, Curvan Smith, will be there to give the last haircut at that location. 

"I thank you for sharing your history with us and I know everyone will follow you to your new location," said Mayor Mary Brown. 

- Sgt. Casey Kilgore gave the Fort Thomas Police report. Here are the highlights:

* He announced that there are 12 applicants going through recruitment to be officers.

* Newest recruit, Nick Hoffman, is in week 6 of 14 of his training. 

* There are two current grants in effect dealing with dangerous drivers during the holiday season. One is for traffic enforcement and the other is for DUI enforcement. 

- City Administrative Officer Don Martin gave the Administrative report. Here are the highlights:

* The city chose another healthcare plan for the city. Due to the Obamacare law being in place, the committee had less time to consider their options. In total, there was a 4.99% increase in costs from last year and after a rebate was issued, the net increase was 4.65%. 

* The city is going to offer a Christmas tree recycling program again this year. Residents can leave their Christmas trees on the curb until January 10th. General services will pick up the trees and shred them. In the past the recycled material was used around the dog park at Highland Park. 

* A resident brought an issue to council at the last meeting that an abandoned white, work truck had been parked on Holly Lane for months. Police were notified and the issue was expedited and promptly taken care of. 

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