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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Your Guide to Dillard's Biggest Sale of the Year

Originally written on 12.28.13

I must tell you… The best sale to hit town will happen in just four days! I stumbled across this sale several years ago and must say it is one that rocks my world. On New Year's day, all Dillard's stores offer 50% off everything that is already marked down, which is basically most things in the store. As you know, all stores discount their holiday decorations, winter clothes and boots after Christmas day. Compound these savings with an extra 50% off the clearance price and you have the jackpot! Dillard's is basically giving things away.

I choose to shop the Crestview Hills Dillard's, but you can also try Kenwood or Eastgate.

Here are my tips for acing this sale:

  • Arrive early - The stores open at 9 am. Arrive by 8:30 am if you want a decent parking spot. I was surprised to see so many people there so early. 
  • Hit the handbag section first - Don't expect to score a large, high-end handbag (e.g., Coach, Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke or Brahmin) unless you're willing to arrive by 8 am and stand outside the door for an hour so you can be the first one in the handbag department. I have seen these people in action and am convinced they grab five handbags each and sell them on ebay. You can expect to score smaller name brand items such as wristlets and other accessories though. Those are typically not the first things to go. They will most likely be around until 9:30 or 10 am.  Fossil, Vera Bradley, Kate Landry and Vince Camuto bags will also be available a little longer. I have found that Kate Landry and Vince Camuto make gorgeous handbags, clutches and wallets.
  • Hit the shoe department second - Like handbags, this department will be a zoo, but for great reason.The prices are ridiculously cheap! You can pick up high-end boots for under $50.
  • Hit the seasonal section third - If you need holiday or winter decor, you can pick up items for pennies. Think ornaments, holiday plates, fur blankets and gift sets. All of these items are beyond cheap. While you're in the home store, also check out the luggage and bed and bath areas. You'll see great deals here too.
  • Sneak back to your car to store your bags - I promise… your arms will get tired fast. Go put your bags in the car and head back inside the store. 
  • Shop the clothes and jewelry departments last - These things will be less picked over. Enjoy time browsing the racks and take it easy. 

To give you an idea of the prices you can expect, here's a list of the deals I scored at the sale last year:
  • Earrings - $2.50
  • Vera Bradley Keychain ID Pouch - $4
  • Huge Statement Necklace - $8
  • Men's Nike Hoodie - $17
  • Kate Landry Tote Bag - $20
  • Men's Sperry Top-Sider Dress Shoes - $33 
  • Jessica Simpson Flat Riding Boots - $44

If you are looking for great deals, this is the sale for you! It will be crowded, but is totally worth it. Happy shopping, my friends!

UPDATE - 12.31.2013

I called Crestview Hills, Kenwood and Eastgate and have confirmed that they changed the open time to 10 am instead of 9 am. I now recommend arriving at 9:30 am instead of 8:30 am. Cheers to an extra hour of sleep in the morning! 


  1. Thanks for the article Sarah and for confirming the store opening times in the article update! This sale is awesome! I have been shopping at this New Year's Day Sale for several years!

  2. So glad you enjoyed the article. I hope everyone scored great deals today!

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  4. thanks for the great article. I am trying to confirm that dillards still does this (this is the first i have ever heard about this sale) and their website has nothing....

  5. They do. It will start at midnight tonight online and in stores in the morning. Call to see what time they open and be there a little before opening time. Have fun!

  6. what door do you line up at when there is more than 1 door?

  7. Is the sale on as well?

    1. Yes, well it always has been in the past. Load up your cart and hit refresh at midnight and check out!

    2. I am in Mountain Time Zone and heard that the sale begins at 11:00 in my time zone. Do you know if that is correct?

  8. What is the shipping costs on Dillard's website

  9. This will be my first time hitting Dillard's on New Year. I am so excited to get these sales. So I can go online add what I want to the cart and midnight refresh? Knowledge is power. I feel powerful and ready to shop. Thanks.

    I'm in Atlanta, Ga and just hit this sale today Jan 1, 2017. I called yesterday to ask about the 50% off clearance sale and they stated they could not "speak" about the sale but.....that it starts at 10am and they have it only once a year on Jan 1st. You have to be in the know for they do not advertise it. They also stated they have this day to clear out old inventory unlike Nordstroms, Saks or Neiman Marcus who send their clearance inventory to their discount stores called something like the "rack" or "off 5th" and the like. It cost a lot of $ to have the discount stores so Dillards doesnt have a secondary discount/clearance/outlet store but just has this huge sale 1 x per year. They stated and I confirm, Its much better than Black Friday. We've been the last 2 black fridays which is great for the mens department ONLY for all MEN'S clearance is 40% off. But Jan 1st is 50% the entire store's clearance not just mens. Today, I bought Bugatchi designer shirts that retail at Nordstrom, NM and Saks for $200, for $50 or less. The shoe dept line had about 300 people waiting in line just to look at discount shoes to buy. One women bought a pair of $100 shoes for $15. There is a real parking problem and you will see MANY security men and police due to some people fighting over the sales just like Black friday. Take your fold up cart on wheels since they do NOT have shopping carts. Dillards also offers this sale online but its not as good as the stores pricing. Lastly, the day b4 this sale, the employees get the additional 50% off deal and take an additional 25% more off. Wow, maybe I should get a partime xmas job there just for this sale :-)