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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Details of Bomb Threat at Highlands High School

FTM broke news this morning of a bomb threat that was called into Highlands High School at 7:00 AM. Students were taken to the Highlands Middle School as a precaution upon arrival to school, and were kept there until approximately 9:00 AM while Fort Thomas Police and other nearby units swept the school for explosive material.

FTM talked to Assistant Superintendent Rita Byrd to get more details.

According to Byrd, a voicemail that detailed the bomb threat was called into the Fort Thomas Independent School office this morning. No details were offered with regard to the gender or age of the caller, or what exactly was said.

Some parents on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) are asking why they weren't notified of the situation right away, before they dropped their children off to school.

"We moved as quickly as we could and I hope parents understand that the safety of the people in the building is our first priority. As soon as we addressed those safety issues we implemented our plan for these situations," said Byrd. "We meet with the principals every month to review these procedures and we work closely with the Fort Thomas Police and Fire each year."

According to Byrd, police were called immediately. Once they were confident premises were safe, they began the safety protocol.

"We have backup plans and procedures with these situations and our first priority is making sure the students are safe," said Byrd. "We rely on the police as experts and per their recommendation, we don't publicize our backup plans. I'm sure we will meet soon to discuss how we can improve the process."

As of noon, students have resumed normal activities, however many parents have picked up their children. It is a state law that if a child leaves the school, they must be counted as absent because the school is paid by the average daily attendance. While FTIS did not say whether or not it would be an excused absence, that decision will be made with all the information available later today.


  1. Question for Fort Thomas Matters, why did you report at “9:07 AM: From a student at HHS: Gym has been evacuated and classes are resuming. Students are not able to go to the bathrooms or to their locker.” ???

    This was alarming and turned out to be a partial truth. I called the school and they answered immediately and assured me this was only during the transfer from the middle school to their first classroom. You could have confirmed this yourself if you would called the school like I did. Please leave unconfirmed comments for the Comments section and only “report” when you have it confirmed from a reliable source.

  2. What kind of BS answer is that?

    Relaying text messages from minor children during a bomb threat is responsible reporting?

    That might fly on facebook, but it isn't journalism.

  3. There's nothing we reported that was not true. The students were more "in the know" than you or I. Information was confirmed from teacher and administrative contacts as well.

    I'd be more than happy to talk to you more, but I don't debate anonymous.

  4. What FTM reported was absolutely true. The school official you talked to was obviously trying to alarm you.

    The kids were not allowed to go to the bathroom or their lockers.

    Mark, I just emailed you but I'll say it here too. I don't know how you put up with these types of know-it-alls.

    If you disagree with them, put your name on it COWARDS!

  5. This school needs to take a serious look at their emergency response procedures. Why on earth would you put all of the kids in one place in response to a bomb threat? If we were dealing with another deranged lunatic looking for a body count, all he would have to do is call in a threat to the HS, and all of the students will be placed in one convenient location.