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Friday, January 31, 2014

Fort Thomas Brick Oven Pizza, Anniversary of Fire at Highlands, We the People, Highlands Bowling Upset State Champs,


We haven't done an old-fashioned Van DAMME It's Friday News and Notes for a while. We just eclipsed 93,000 page views over the last month so, suffice it to say, we've got a bunch of new readers. Thanks for reading!

Here's what's going on in Fort Thomas:

- The long-awaited brick-oven style pizza place in the old Mio's building is "still progressing" per my source. Back in October we announced that is was likely to happen and that an announcement would be made in late January. Here we are on the last day in January and nothing has been made official.

The last I had heard, they were waiting on financing documents. That property is important to Fort Thomas and the surrounding buildings. Getting them in as soon as possible is crucial right now so that they have things moving in a machine-like manner by the time the spring and summer patio season is in full effect.

Mio's opened on St. Patrick's Day in 2012. With an abnormally mild spring that year, they were rushed hard. The service was lacking from the get-go and they never could recover. Let's hope this announcement comes sooner rather than later.

- From the Fort Thomas Museum Facebook page:
Yesterday, Highlands High School's fire alarm went off. Thankfully it was only a malfunction in the system. This month, 52 years ago...we were not so lucky. On a cold January day, a fire started in the original Highlands High School. With no one injured, the school was a complete loss. In the following weeks, students were scattered all over the city. Classes were taken in various building near the school. During the process of designing the replacement building it was best thought that class rooms with no windows would keep student more attentive. Now with a facade that is similar to the old building, renovated with AC, Highlands is nearing completion. This year marks the 100th year, at this location on Memorial Parkway. What's your story?
- The Highlands "We the People" team won the state championship again. They will represent Kentucky in the national finals. A second team from Highlands finished runner-up, earning a wild card bid to nationals.

The contest, hosted by the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville, assessed students’ knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution. Teams studied law, historical decision making and key events and then participated in mock Congressional hearings. Judges evaluated the students.
The teams are coached by Megan Boimann Hennies. 
The Highlands Boys Bowling squad beat last year's state champs, Simon Kenton, in the regionals Wednesday to secure their berth at the State Championship in Lexington in February.  

Highlands finished the night as regional runner-ups and will be the No. 2 seed. Campbell County is the No. 1 seed. 

Sophomore, Jake Farley, rolled a perfect 300 in December in a match against Covington Latin. I did that on the Wii one time. 

- The water main break on the corner of Holly Lane and Fort Thomas was picked up by a Louisville affiliate, WHAS 11, on Tuesday. I guess it was a slow news day, I guess. It was terrible for the residents, who had to chip away at ice that had formed over their cars tires. 

Silver lining: meeting Kathy Wieland. What a nice lady. Fort Thomas is awesome. 


  1. How many We the People state championships does that make? I know the first was 2002.

  2. LOL! I love your sense of humor. VAN DAMME IS AWESOME!

    - Kristy Northcutt

  3. Hey Josh. That's a good question. I'll get with Brian Robinson and let you know.

  4. Why don't they take down the Mio's sign.