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Friday, January 24, 2014

Fort Thomas City Council Notes (1-21-14)

Van DAMME It's Friday

The first city council meeting of the year was one that perhaps yielded more news after the meeting was over as FTM broke the story that after 15 years Mayor Mary Brown would not seek reelection this year. 

City Council election update
With the retirement of Mayor Brown pending, that will leave at least two council seats up for grabs as Tom Lampe is seeking higher office as Campbell County Commissioner and Eric Haas will presumably run for the empty Mayor's seat.

First term councilman, Jay Fossett, is still undecided on running for reelection. The deadline to file is next Tuesday, January 28.

The rest of the incumbents on council (Roger Peterman, Lisa Kelly and Ken Bowman) intend to file for reelection.

Alcohol Sales on Sunday
The second reading of the ordinance that would allow the sale of alcoholic beverages by the glass on Sunday at 11:00 AM was read and passed by a 6-0 vote. 

As they zoomed through the yes votes, Mayor Brown noted that the vote on the ordinance was mentioned on Channel 12 the night before.

Hillside Development Case
The Kentucky Supreme Court rejected a request for review for a lawsuit that involved hillside development in Fort Thomas.

Resident, James Dopeker, Jr., applied for a zone change of his property from R-1AA (minimum lot size of 1 acre) to R-1A (minimum lot size of 9,500 square feet) so he could divide his lot and construct a house on the divided lot.  

The parcel in question abuts an R-1A zone to the west and to the north.  The request was presented to the Fort Thomas Planning Commission which recommended that city council approve the requested zone change.  City Council agreed to approve the zone change.  

Tom Yocum who resides behind the lot in question at 55 Elsmar objected to the zone change and was opposed to a house being constructed adjacent to his 6.7 acre parcel.  Mr. Yocum filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent the zone change and thereby preventing the construction of the house.  He argued that the zone change was not in compliance with the city's comprehensive plan.  The circuit court and the court of appeals both ruled in the city's favor.  

FTM has talked about hillside developments here in 2009 and here in 2008.

VA Homes 
The city is still waiting on the government. Fort Thomas is hopeful to hear back by February or March on to see what the next step will be in the potential renovation of the historic military homes.  

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