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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fort Thomas Medical Facility Assists with Emergency Homeless Shelter Overflow

Active Day, located on Alexandria Pike at Blossom (image via Google Maps)

Reporter, Fort Thomas Matters

FORT THOMAS -- Active Day, an adult medical day care facility located at 725 Alexandria Pike, has offered their assistance in efforts to house area homeless overnight during the current period of extreme, sub-zero weather, reported Monday.

According to Lisa Bartlett, staff RN with Active Day, the facility housed 10 temporary tenants Monday and Tuesday nights during after-hours (6 p.m. - 6 a.m.). Active Day is able to provide these tenants with showering and laundry facilities.

According to the report, Carol Hitch -- Director of Active Day (who was unavailable for comment Tuesday) -- saw the need for assistance via social media, and responded.

"Carol saw the call for assistance on Facebook, and responded," confirmed Bartlett.

The 10 tenants represent a small population of overflow from the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky (ESNKY), located in Covington. Rachael Winters, Director of ESNKY, says that facilities like Active Day have allowed ESNKY to reduce (albeit temporarily) their current occupancy closer to their available capacity.

According to Winters, ESNKY has seen as many as 80 sheltered adults per night in recent weeks, while only having an official capacity for 40.

The 10 tenants were transported from ESNKY to Active Day by Christ Baptist Church, located on Alexandria Pike in Cold Spring.

ESNKY provided Active Day with air mattresses and linens, according to Bartlett, as well as volunteers to stay overnight at Active Day with the tenants, in order to provide relief for Active Day staff.

When not providing relief for homeless care efforts by night, Active Day is a fully functional adult medical day care facility, caring for and treating clients with physical and mental disabilities. Currently, Active Day sees clients ranging in age from early twenties to early nineties, and provides speech and physical therapy, medical personnel, and two meals and a snack per day.

"A big part of our mission is to allow for family members of adults with disabilities to go work and earn a living during the day," Bartlett said.

Active Day has been operational at its Fort Thomas location since September of 2001.

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