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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fort Thomas Police Roundup (Bomb Threat Update, Shell Gas Station Break-In, Car Battery Thefts)

Det. Brad Adams receives his detective badge from Chief Mike Daly at the city council meeting on 1/21/14.
Before Chief Mike Daly began his monthly police report to council, he presented Detective Brad Adams with his detective's badge. Adams has been with the Fort Thomas police for 10 years. "For our department, 10 years is a long time running," said Daly. "He's done a lot for the community."

As Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, councilman Tom Lampe recognized Det. Adams' contributions to the department and the city.

Surrounded by his family and many of his fellow officers, Adams made sure to thank his family specifically, "My family has had to put up with a lot of 2 and 3 AM wakeup calls for the job and I'm thankful they understand that."

Congrats to Brad. 

There were a lot of updates from the Fort Thomas Police Department as council has been on an extended hiatus. Here they are:

Bomb Threat Update
Chief Mike Daly updated council on the bomb threat that occurred at Highlands High School  last Wednesday. Chief Daly detailed what we reported last week, that someone had called the Fort Thomas Independent Schools voicemail system to say that "there was some type of device in the school and that no one should show up for school that day."

Obviously it was a hoax as nothing was found, but Daly described that the investigation would now be one of terroristic threatening.

Det. Brent Moening, Sgt. Casey Kilgore and Ofc. Adam Noe are working with local communications companies to see if they can determine where the call originated from and have discussed potential suspects, although an immediate arrest is not imminent.

Shell Gas Station Break In
Daly also described an incident that occurred in the early morning hours at the Shell Gas Station on Alexandria Way on December 21 that could be an ongoing trend happening through Greater Cincinnati.

Two individuals used a sledgehammer to crash through the front glass door of the gas station's lobby and used that same sledgehammer to attempt to crack open the ATM inside. The worker of the station was arriving to work as the would-be thieves were attempting to open the ATM and scared them off before they could make off with any money.

According to Chief Daly, "The ATM won (the battle). There have been 6 cases in Greater Cincinnati similar to this, with the same M.O. All involved a sledgehammer and so far they are 0 for 6."

SWAT Exercise Update
Chief Daly updated council on the SWAT team exercise that we reported on last week as well. He noted, along with members of council, that the timing of the drills were unfortunate as the bomb threat occurred earlier that morning.

He noted that the drills were very successful and important to train our members of our force on how other units work together. The members of the Fort Thomas Police Department that went through the exercises were Michael Dietz, Doug Bryant and Chris Carpenter. 

Daly did acknowledge the lack of communication to some nearby residents who were alarmed at the site of officers in full SWAT gear with rifles drawn. "I'd like to apologize if anyone was alarmed. We have been talking about ways that we could notify the community better and we will try to do that next time," he said.

City Administrator, Don Martin, agreed with that sentiment. "We did notify the nearby schools and we are working on getting some signage near (the drills) next time that ready 'police training in progress.' The benefits of the training are great, but we do have to keep (the drills) out of the minds and eyes of potential criminals."

Gettysburg Square Thefts
Another trend was occurring at the Gettysburg Square Apartments, in which a thief was stealing car batteries. With the help of the Boone County Sheriff's office, that thief was apprehended.

St. Elizabeth Theft
There was a theft of a purse at St. Elizabeth, which had a total worth, with its contents, of $870. The alleged thief was caught on video and was arrested shortly after.

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