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Friday, January 31, 2014

How is Ballot Position Drawn for Local Elections?

The ballot positions for the primary elections were drawn yesterday at the Campbell County Courthouse. Kentucky state law requires the ballot positions be drawn two days after the filing deadline.

The Board of Elections Deputy Clerk has a simple process for selection ballot positions. "Anyone is allowed to come in and witness. It's a random drawing that's very basic. Papers numbered, put into an envelope and drawn. We simply go down the list and draw. Whatever number (the candidate) is drawn is (the position) they are assigned," said Jennifer McGrath.

A primary election would only be needed in Fort Thomas if there were double the amount of candidates plus 1 to fill the 6 council seats. So 13 candidates would be needed to have a primary election for council in Fort Thomas. Since there is not a primary election for the Fort Thomas City Council, the ballot positions have not been selected yet. That will take place on August 14th.

While the idea of ballot positioning does not seem very newsworthy, in local elections it can mean a lot. Logic follows that the bigger the election, the more campaign money is available, the better the electorate can educate themselves on issues.

In non-partisan or primary elections where both candidates are of the same party, there is a small contingent that will vote based on balloting position by simply checking the first name they see. As negligible as that may be, all you have to do is look at the margin of victory in the last Judge Executive race as evidence that is does matter.

Ballot positions for Campbell County Races:
*Denotes Incumbent

Daniel Kent Braun (R) *
Tamara Bauwens R

Judge Executive:
Steve Pendery - R *
Kevin Sell

County Clerk:
Stu Stormer - R
Jim Luersen - R

Marc Muench - D
Rob Rummel - D

Jeff Kidwell - R *
Mike Jansen - R

Scott Hildebrand - D
Michael O'Day - D

David Joseph Guidugli - R
James A. Daley - R *

County Commissioner Dist. 1:
Brian Painter - R *
Gail Otto - R

County Commissioner Dist 2:
Charlie "Coach" Coleman - R
Pete Garrett - R *

County Commissioner Dist 3:
Mark Ramler - D
David Amanns - D

Constable Dist. 1:
David Arthur - R
Ken Warden - R *

Constable Dist 3:
James "Jim" Peluso - D *
Jim Delaney

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