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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jeff Kidwell Running To Retain Sheriff's Office

Newport Campbell County Sheriff Jeff Kidwell has filed to run for re-election.

Kidwell also announced that his campaign will be managed by US Senator Jim Bunning (Retired) of Southgate.

“I am so proud that Jim has agreed to come out of retirement to manage my re-election campaign. I don’t think I could find a better mentor, political strategist and friend than Jim Bunning. I will make good use of his knowledge and work ethic for the people of Campbell County.”

Kidwell implemented many changes and improvements and believes this progress will ensure his ability to retain the office. Kidwell received a citation in 2013 from the Kentucky House of Representatives for his work in the Sheriff’s Office.

“Being the first Republican to hold the office of Sheriff in Campbell County in forty years, and because of all the streamlining, modernization and other improvements on both the fiscal and law enforcement segments, I hope that the citizens of Campbell County will allow me to continue my work” said Sheriff Kidwell in a statement. 


  1. Hasn't this crook been impeached yet?

  2. Wow, until I knew this I would have voted for Kidwell again. Thank goodness we have Rand Paul instead of Bunning. His erratic behavior, lack of legislation and overall hostility was a disgrace to the G.O.P. in Kentucky.

  3. Anonymous,

    You let whomever is working with the Sheriff's campaign and not his performance decide who you will vote for?

    I believe the man has done a great job and at least for me, I'm grateful he cared enough to give us an office in Alexandria.

    As I recall, Bunning endorsed Rand Paul and helped him get elected.

    Take your trolling and hate somewhere else.

  4. The Sheriff's department is in better shape than it has been in years. Kidwell will win this easily

  5. Crook? Can you back that up? Or do you usually just make asinine, "off the wall" statements?

    If you are a fan of Rand Paul, I doubt that you voted for Kidwell the first time.
    How strange that Rand Paul can take his eyes away from Kentucky, (or maybe we don't have any problems here), to tell Detroit, Michigan just how to handle their problems. Good Lord!

  6. Guys - I'm going to step in for a second. This is not just another Internet free for all.

    We've become lenient with "anonymous" comments, but this won't be dragged down to the lowest common denominator like on other sites.

    IF you wish to espouse negativities from now on, you must sign in with you Google account and name.

  7. Sheriff Kidwell is a great business man, but he is a horrible elected official. He abuses his power and believes he is above the people who put him in his position, he has no respect for the people he serves nor the duties he is to preform. Kidwell thinks that because he is sheriff he is above the law and has no respect for anyone but himself. He is very arrogant and single track minded, he cares about the title he has received and not the oath he took. He's a politician and a good one, he lies, cheats and abuses his powers, it's time for a change in campbell county starting with the election of a new sheriff.

  8. It's interesting to see so many negative remarks about this sheriff who wants to retain his office. Have you really looked into the integrity of his opponent? ? You say “He abuses his power and believes he is above the people who put him in his position, he has no respect for the people he serves nor the duties he is to perform. Kidwell thinks that because he is sheriff he is above the law and has no respect for anyone but himself.” Maybe you should ask his opponent what he was doing the weekend of September 3-4, 2011. In his 2014 Facebook New Year's message he says "Whoever you meet always treat them like a friend, help those that are in need and be the best you can be" but during the timeframe mentioned he stood like a thug along with others in his family, offering no assistance to people trying to move out of a very difficult situation. Where was his "compassion" for others then? Possibly you should all think of voting for either Scott Hildebrand or Michael C O’Day Sr. All law enforcement should have the welfare of others as a top priority, but it’s especially important for the leaders so that prayerfully those who serve under her/him follow the best example of leadership. I would hate to believe that all of the candidates for sheriff are saying what they want you to hear, but not living up to how they lead their lives “behind closed doors.” I have to believe most are, if not perfect, are trying to lead good, respectful lives, and want the best for the county they want to represent. This post is shown as “Anonymous” out of concern about repercussions of my remarks. The May primary is coming up soon. Be sure to try to learn as much as you can about each candidate before you select one solely based on being a republican or a democrat. There are very good people (and some not so good), on both sides.