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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Have You Played the myNKY Game Yet?

Reporter, Fort Thomas Matters

"Great communities don't happen by accident."

This is the motto driving myNKY, a community action organization that has charged itself with aggressively surveying Northern Kentucky residents in order to develop a five-year strategic plan for the region. 

In fact, their desire for residents' input is so strong that they've even developed a short game you can play online to offer your input. (The game will only be live for another few weeks, so you should play now.)

Housing, transit, jobs, education, and health/wellness are among the topics myNKY is studying. A quick visit to their website reveals the crowdsourced approach the group is taking: sidebar surveys and instant polls checker the site's homepage, asking about anything from what types of housing should be available to prospective NKY home buyers to how often you use the TANK bus system, even to how often you use one of NKY's many hiking or biking trails.

"Northern Kentucky has a long history of community visioning," states myNKY's website. The org marks the latest step in a 30-year trend of prioritizing a comprehensive plan for NKY communities. They cite Vision 2015 -- NKY's third strategic plan, launched in 2005 -- as a primary inspiration: "Vision 2015 built on the earlier community plans, but set a new bar for what can be achieved when every community group aligns around common goals,' they say.

myNKY has identified five characteristics that the region must prioritize in order to establish itself as a competitive economy, the goal sitting at the center of their vision:
  • effective governance
  • educational excellence
  • livable communities
  • urban renaissance
  • regional stewardship
In addition to crowdsourcing its data, myNKY also consults a team of advisors, made up of local public officials, business owners, educators, and community leaders.

Learn more about myNKY and play the myNKY game here.

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