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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

myNKY Forum to be held at NKU Digitorium in March

Northern Kentucky University will host an event in March that will begin planning the next NKY strategic plan.

The forum will be from 8 - 9:30 a.m. on March 12 in the NKU Digitorium.

The forum, presented by myNKY, is a campaign that will be utilized by Vision 2015 to elicit public feedback, ideas, and priorities to build the next plan which will bring the community to 2020.

The forum in March will provide the audience a chance to learn more about interacting with, offer the opportunity to participate in polling questions, and give feedback on what still needs to be asked or what may be missing from the current process.

The forum will begin with a brief history of strategic planning in Northern Kentucky by Bill Scheyer. 

Vision 2015 Vice President Kara Williams will then walk the audience through the myNKY site and the different ways to participate in the campaign. 

The audience will then go through a series of polling and challenge questions created to understand community priorities. 

Tufco Chair and Vision 2015 board member A.J. Schaefer will facilitate discussion through the polling question activity focusing on asking what needs to be added or what is missing from the current polling questions or process.

There is no event for the myNKY forum, and the suggested parking is in the Kenton Garage. You are encouraged to RSVP but it is not request. To do so email 

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