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Friday, March 7, 2014

BREAKING: Newest Restaurant Signs at Newport Pavilion

The newest tenant at The Newport Pavilion came to terms with Anchor Associates yesterday afternoon, a source close to the situation tells After months of anxiously awaiting an announcement, fans of Newport's cornerstone development finally have news.
Ihop will be building out a new location near the Tire Discounters on the corner of Memorial Parkway and Pavilion Parkway.

A complete buildout of this location had our source estimating completion between 6-9 months. 

While mainly a breakfast destination, the International House of Pancakes, also offers lunch and dinner options. Ihop has 1,500 locations nationwide and its parent company also owns Applebees.

Here are the closest Ihop's to Fort Thomas.

So what's next for Newport Pavilion? According to our source, it will most likely continue to be restaurants and "smaller retail."

What do you think of the latest announcement?


  1. While I always welcome new business to the Newport area, I have to disagree with this development as a whole. With all these retails and restaurants coming in, it'll hurt a lot of the family owned business that has been in the city of Newport for so long.

    I can't imagine what's traffic's going to be like in the Pavilion and at Carothers. Even right now traffic is such a hassle trying to get in and out of that area especially during prime hours. With the upcoming constructions that's supposedly getting done on Carothers I can only start to fathom how it's going to be in the upcoming months.

    Well played Newport, well played.

  2. I wish they would add a restaurant like O'Charleys or Chili's rather than all these specialty/niche restaurants. Not that I don't like Chipotle, Panera etc, but just a simple mainstream menu would be nice.

  3. Catherine AmpferMarch 8, 2014 at 8:37 AM

    Totally agree with the above comment. No more chains! We need to start a "keep our area weird" campaign to promote the local businesses that are uniquely Northern Campbell County. Newport, Dayton, Ft Thomas and Bellevue need to unite to support and encourage local businesses.

  4. I agree, Catherine. We are trying to lead the #SHOPLOCAL charge in Fort Thomas.

    The businesses that you see lining the page are our gracious supporters and are the reason we are able to put time into FTM.

    In exchange for their generosity, and to "keep our area weird" try to make a point to visit our #FTMFamily and tell them FTM sent you!

    As always thanks for your contributions!

  5. All that keeps popping up are burger, pizza and fast food joints. It would be nice to get some variety. We need an Indian restaurant! Or at least something different.

  6. i would like to see an O'Charleys,Cracker Barrell, Olive Garden or even a Longhorn restauranr at the Newport Pavilion or Newport Shopping center areas!!

  7. will there ever be a cracker barroll in campbell county ky?