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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fort Thomas Residents Question Election Signs

There have been a few questions regarding political signage in Fort Thomas. Particularly, the size of some of the yard signs and there have been a few instances where a Fort Thomas resident has come home to a political yard sign being placed in their yard without permission.

Here are the zoning ordinances as it pertains to elections signs:

Section 15.2 of the Fort Thomas Zoning Ordinance states as follows:


Election signs not exceeding twelve (12) square feet are
permitted to be placed on private property subject to the following

1. Where signs are otherwise permitted, an election sign may be
erected no sooner than sixty (60) days before the election and the sign
shall be removed within ten (10) days following the election to which it
applies; the owner of the property on which the sign is placed shall be
responsible for its removal.

2. Election signs may not be erected or placed on public
property, or on rocks, trees, public fences, sign posts, light poles, or
utility poles on public property.  (end of ordinance)

If a sign is placed on private property without the property owner's
permission, the property owner should contact the candidate's office and
lodge a complaint.

If you have specific questions regarding signage, please contact our
zoning administrator, Frank Twehues, at 441-1055 or


  1. Which signs are people complaining about?

  2. Mr. Kidwell's campaign put a sign in my yard when no one was home!

  3. In reffrence to the Kidwell sign that was put in a yard when no one was home. The Kidwell campaign is aware of the address and where this happen. This was a miscommunication where the son told us it was OK to place a sign in this yard but forgot to speak to his father about it. The Kidwell campain team can assure you that every sign that is being placed we do have permission from the home owner or property owner. The team will ONLY place a sign where we have permission. Sorry for any miscommunication anyone has received on this situation.

  4. I will never put a sign on your property without your permission - I promise!!

    Deb Sheldon