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Friday, March 7, 2014

Residents at scene of heroin seizure speak out

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A four month long investigation led to the arrest of four people connected with heroin distribution in Kentucky. talked to some residents of the Turfside Motel in Florence, where one of the seizures of heroin was executed. 

"We would all like to thank the police. This area has been rundown by heroin and it's time to take a stand," said a resident who wished to remain anonymous. "This has been going on for far too long. There are children who live in this same motel as these (people). These are the kids who these types of dealers are trying to sell to to get them hooked. It's not right. They deserve the maximum punishment."

Authorities also executed a search on Thursday at an Elsmere home on Spring Street. The searches yielded .5 pounds of black tar heroin.

Tamara Wombles, 28, of Elsmere, Duran Wombles, 27, of Florence, and Lauren Summers, 22, of Florence,  were arrested and charged with Trafficking of Controlled Substance and Engaging in Organized Crime. They could receive up to 20 years in prison. 

"This drug is a death sentence," said the resident of the Turfside Motel. "Get these politicians to treat it like murder! That's the only way to get these dealers to stop. It was an intense situation that didn't last very long. The cops knew what they were looking for and didn't mess around."

Information obtained in the search and arrests led authorities to an apartment in Lexington where they located approximately 1.5 pounds of black tar heroin. They arrested Jesus Lizarraras-Estuoillo, 27, of Lexington at the scene. He is charged with Trafficking in Controlled Substance 1st Degree, a Class C Felony.

Investigators believe Duran and Tamara Wombles were supplying heroin to multiple heroin dealers throughout northern Kentucky.

In a report by Fox 19, Bill Mark, Director of Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force says the bust is one of the largest heroin seizures by local law enforcement in Kentucky history.


  1. You guys are really stepping your game up. Cheers. You deserve some credit here.

  2. Is .5 pounds of heroin really a big bust???

  3. There were two .5 lb busts and another 1.5 lb bust in Lexington.

    From what I'm told "black tar" heroin is the concentrated version from what is sold on the street. While .5 lbs doesn't seem like a lot, when mixed with the other agents, it produces a lot more.

  4. Is .5 really a bid bust?? Is one dead kid a really big deal? That's how dumb I feel that question was all it takes to kill someone is a 10th of a gram