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Monday, March 24, 2014

Silver Grove Dari Bar Opens for the Season

Believe it or not, Spring has officially sprung in Kentucky. March is more than packing for Spring Break, and cheering on your team in the NCAA tournament. This is also the time of year that one of Northern Kentucky's best hidden gems opens for the season. Yes folks, I'm talking about the Dari Bar. The Dari Bar is a family owned an operated establishment located in Silver Grove, and a favorite of Ft. Thomas residents. Here at FTM, we are big fans of the shop local movement, and the Dari Bar epitomizes the idea of an old fashioned mom and pop shop. 
The funny thing about the Dari Bar is that it's never too difficult to find someone willing to join you for the trip down to Silver Grove. On opening day, I rounded up Mama on a Budget and her two kids to experience our first Dari Bar excursion of the season. While enjoying our afternoon snack, MOAB was able to teach her daughter, Finley, one of life's most important lessons - the art of dipping french fries into vanilla ice cream. 

Loyal Dari Bar patrons will be happy to hear that all their favorite menu items are returning to another season. Why fix what isn't broke, right? I was a fan of the Dari Bar's grape slushies while in high school, but now that I'm older and wiser, I've moved on to their small Snickers Blitz. In case you were wondering, the Blitz is still much tastier than Dairy Queen's Blizzard. 
For our readers who haven't experienced the Dari Bar yet, here are some insider tips for you:
  • Make sure to hit up the ATM before making the trip. The Dari Bar is a cash only facility. 
  • There are a few tables available outside to sit and enjoy your food, but they do tend to fill up fast when the weather is nice. There is no actual "bar" to sit at while eating your food. MOAB's son was not pleased to find out that "Dari Bar" is quite the misnomer, but he quickly cheered up when handed a vanilla ice cream adorned with chocolate sprinkles. 
  • Be prepared to wait in line. This is especially important to remember on weekends seeing as there is an unspoken law that baseball, softball, and soccer teams must hit up the Dari Bar for a post-game snack.  
  • You should also know that the Dari Bar offers much more than just ice cream. You can order an entire meal to enjoy with your favorite dessert. If you do plan on eating some of the Dari Bar's food, you might want to leave your diet back in Ft. Thomas. The food primarily consists of fried delicacies along with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and various forms of chicken. MOAB and her family ordered chicken fingers, fries, and fried mushrooms. I'm assuming their food was delicious since I was afraid to get between Finley and her fried mushrooms. 
  • If you're in a hurry, you can call in an order to the Dari Bar. You can pick up your order from the side door or one of the windows. 
  • There are no public bathrooms available for use, so plan accordingly. 
  • Enjoy the Dari Bar while you can since it is only open for the Spring and Summer months. 

Now that the Dari Bar is officially open, what will you be waiting in line to eat this year? Let us know your favorite Dari Bar treats in the comments section below. 

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  1. Chocolate sodas and diptops. We love the Dari Bar.