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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BREAKING: 15 N. Fort Thomas Ave Changes Ownership

15 N. Fort Thomas Ave. Source: CC PVA
The building that has been home to Warner's, Pergola and most recently, Mio's, officially has some new owners. FTM has been on this story since last October and last updated the story in January.
Red-tape slowed the financing process up a bit, but it does indeed look like a "wood-burning pizza place with a multitude of craft beer" is coming to 15 N. Fort Thomas Ave. It'll be a welcome addition to the Towne Centre Business District, which has taken it on the chin with the departure of Mio's and Smitty's.

Other tidbits:
- New owners had a success business in the Washington DC area before choosing to move to Fort Thomas.

- A lot of renovation will be occurring on the inside of the building.

- They will not open the patio until the inside of the restaurant is "right."

- Opening will take "quite a while."

My prediction is that the entire district will look completely different by the end of the year. Obviously this addition will help immensely, but there should be other retailers on the way as well. More soon.


  1. I met the family yesterday! They are so talented and have great ideas for the business. They are all about great customer service too! I want to wish them all of the best. Welcome to Ft. Thomas!

  2. Very excited about this. Awesome

  3. I have to admit I am not looking forward to this. I did not like my children watching all the mid- age drunks in Fort Thomas make total and complete fools of themselves sitting on the patio night after night drinking themselves stupid. I was thrilled to see MIO'S go under.

  4. Hey, I was one of those middle aged drunks!! The only reason we drank so much was because the food took so long to get to our table!! But seriously, your point is well taken. I have little ones myself and I share your concern. However, my kids loved Mio's, bumping into their fellow tikes and seeing familiar faces. There are plenty of establishments in town where drinking comes first and the food second. I did not find Mios to be one of those places, especially at $4.00 a pint. Yikes!!

  5. Very excited to spend our money in Ft Thomas again instead of neighboring cities!

  6. Come on drinking brings money. If you don't want your kids to experience it go to Bob Evans in ft Thomas a restaurant won't make it without

  7. Ft Thomas is increasingly running down from the north end to the south. It's just not the city of beautiful homes it once was. The population has lots if options today with excellent schools. Time to get over ourselves.

  8. If you want us to get over ourselves Mr/Ms Anonymous, why dont ya move?
    I believe last week there was a article on this site about Highlands Being # 3 right? Top schools in USA? I dont believe any neighboring schools can say that. Cheer up and stop bringing negative content on a positive situation.

  9. What are we supposed to "get over" here? The safe neighborhoods/streets? The nationally rated school district? The great park system? Every little city will have their issues, but to think we should "get over ourselves" is ridiculous. Move out if you don't like it in Ft. Thomas, I'm sure there are five families behind you waiting to get in.

  10. I think we underestimate the visual impact the Mio's patio had on our community. I met a family from Naples Florida eating on the patio one night and their 16 year old daughter was remarking on how they had nothing like this in Naples and wished they lived here. They found the neigborhood absolutely charming. Visual impacts can be catalysts for growth. Following Mio's came the coffee shop -- another gathering place. Look at Hyde Park Square, Mt. Lookout Square, and Mariemont. All cake eaters too. They all have charming town centers with visual impacts resulting in proven sustained growth and increasing property values. When that patio reopens it will benefit all of us, whether it spurs on new businesses or simply as a contributer to the charm of Ft. Thomas.