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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jalapeño Express Mexican Grill to Open in Old Blockbuster Location

Photo Source: Mark Collier
Blockbuster Video in the Newport Plaza was a Friday night staple at the Collier household in the early and mid 90s. It became the first casualty in the development last October, as Blockbuster closed its doors nationwide.

We began speculating what would come of that space back in November. Now it looks like, at least half of that space, has signed a lease.

Jalapeño Express Mexican Grill will be opening in half of the space in mid-May. The framing is currently being completed.
Photo source: Mark Collier
Owner of the new fast-casual Mexican, Octavio Correo, said he hopes to open at least three more Jalapeño Express. "It's going to be the same quality as you'd see at a restaurant like Chipotle," said Correo. "But we are going to give you more for less."

Correo said that you'll be able to get a burrito and chips for around $5. Jalapeño Express will directly compete with Chipotle in the Newport Pavilion, who opened that location in early November. 

The Correo Family LLC also owns El Rio Grande.


  1. Soo do we know why it isn't open yet?

  2. Just tired to stop in and its closed. With no hours posted. Guess they didn't last very long.